A solemn Sully, George H.W. The Bush service dog was sighted at the US Capitol where the former president's body rests.

Sully, an assistance dog who became famous for his loyal company to President George H. W. Bush, was re-appointed to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The Labrador Yellow Retriever joined a team of establishment dogs at the hospital and will provide comfort to veterans and their families, according to a personalized enlistment oath read at a Wednesday livestream.

The oath began: "Sully HW Bush, do you claim – or pamper yourself – as a member of a United States Navy hospital corps that you will support, comfort and encourage our warriors and their families, active and retired service? "

During the oath, Sully was asked to provide "unconditional love and consolation, especially on busy days," and to acknowledge that responsibility came back "without any promise of a treat or belly massage".

The dog was asked to "shake" at the conclusion of the oath.

Sully's Instagram account announced the new Wednesday: "Today, I have become an official dog of the establishment – the HM2 Master Officer.It is an honor and a privilege to join a wonderful group. of dogs at @WRNMMC and I look forward to continuing my mission of serving veterans as my best friend wanted me to do it. "

Bush regarded Sully as a "handsome" and obedient companion since he joined his family in June 2018. The dog made the headlines when Bush Family spokesman Jim McGrath presented a photo of Sully resting near the coffin of the deceased president, with the caption "Mission completed".

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