Summary 'American Idol & # 39; Season 17, Episode 7: A Surprisingly Sweet Surprise Reduces Katy Perry to Tears as Hollywood Week Ends

"American Idol" was over in two hours, with stunning solo performances, a huge surprise for the contestants and an even bigger event that knocked Katy Perry to his knees in tears.

On Sunday night, the episode ended with the collapse of Nate Walker and his rushed embarkation to the hospital, leaving his group "Ain 't Going" Home "wondering if he was going to be in the hospital. they were all now. The action took place on the spot, proving, as always, that the round of groups is not a joke.

From there, we quickly entered the Solo Round, where most of the stars who had surprised us in the previous rounds have still done or increased their performances. And some new faces that we could not see before tonight showed up and really asked to be noticed.

Lionel Richie said, "We have a show," watching their final Top 40 selection for this phase of the competition, and he's right. "Idol" remains the best tool on television to make real stars – even if it's been a long time – and there are some real gems here.

But the greatest moment of the night has come after a huge solo moment for a competitor. Although she was convinced that her boyfriend was stuck in the finals all week, he managed to crawl long enough to be able to drive for 11 hours to surprise her on stage with a ring and a proposal.

It was a truly beautiful moment that sparked ugly cries from everyone, including the candidate, her mother and even a Katy Perry. "Why does not anyone like me like that?" She cried. Orlando Bloom? You'd better step up your game!

Be careful, since I'm safe at home, I'll probably be a little harder than my colleagues Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Just for laughs, I'm going to rank the auditions at every turn from worst to first to see who are my favorites. Then we can see where they go in the competition to see if the judges are in agreement.

TOUR 2: Group tour (continuation)

Do not go home

"California Dreamin", "Moms and Dads

Nate Walker, Logan Johnson, Gazzie White, Ruthie Craft

After Nate became ill and was taken to the hospital, this group had to try to reorganize into a trio at the last minute. Fortunately, after two hours, Nate made his triumphant return, but he was still not at full voice. Elsewhere in the group, Logan played a fun ride on his verse, even though he lost the note while Gazzie lost the tune and that Ruthie was a bit missed.

Nate refrained from making a complete verse, taking a short end and hoping for the best. But the judges did not have any and made him sing the whole couplet anyway. It was painful because he had no voice in the upper part, so he had to rearrange it where he was able to sing, making it unrecognizable, but nevertheless vocal soundly.

Moving: Nate, Logan, Gazzie, Ruthie

Go home: No

3rd round: solo tour

After the group rounds, about 70 people were still competing for the concerts, so Katy told them that only 40 of them would survive. This time, they can perform with a live band – some for the first time – but have to wait until the end of the day for the judges' final decisions.

It's do or die time!


19 years – "Jealous", Labrinth

Gaba has an effortless choir voice and she really feels the motivation of having her biological mother nearby. They have only known each other for a few months, but this meeting seems to have given Gaba a sense of wholeness and who she is, which translates into a more confident presence on stage. Unfortunately, she struggled to find the right notes at the end of her play. It just lacked the kind of dynamic qualities that wins these shows.

Juan Pablo

26 years – "One million reasons", Lady Gaga

After a warning to mitigate the cheese factor, Juan Pablo undertook to show another face of himself. It was an interesting choice to take Gaga, but he put all his talent into it. This was not his strongest voice, as he looked particularly staggering during the chorus, in particular. Unfortunately, the overall performance was inconsistently controlled, as it may have emitted a bit too much.

Nate Walker

18 years – "Still in my head", Willie Nelson

Speaking of a redemption performance, Nate killed this one and seemed to have most of his voice. He has a tone so natural in his voice, smooth and silky, that really caresses the ears. Unfortunately, he was still rearranging the song perhaps too much to adapt to what was left of his voice. It's unfortunate that the illness ends his trip, but it's not doing well for him.

Tyler Mitchell

22 years – "Broken Halos", Chris Stapleton

Tyler looked exhausted even before he stepped in and still lacked self-confidence. He then took a huge voice with Chris Stapleton, but he tackled it as if he had been performing on stages for years and years. This kid is a natural talent, but when he forgot the lyrics, he simply collapsed on himself for a few lines without singing anything, instead of continuing and continuing to play. You can not do that, man. Pretend until you get there! Could it all cost him?

Austin Michaels

15 years – "Parachute", Chris Stapleton

Austin had trouble rehearsing on a Dan + Shay track and had no confidence in him. He thus modified the last second of this piece of Stapleton. But that's not the kind of song that you can tackle halfway, and that's what he was doing, without repetition at all. Let's just say that his voice cracked from the first words and not like Hanson. His song was too big for him, and he never really scrambled it. Austin has talent, but he may not be there yet. It's just sort of laid there.

Walker Burroughs

20 years – "Your song", Elton John

Already, Walker does not think he's going to win, so he still has some self-confidence to become a safe bet. And although we're not ready to say anything, he has certainly reproduced a great song that speaks of powerful voices and narrative narratives. He has such a natural quality in his voice and rises magnificently at the heart of the song. Believe in yourself, kid, because you have something there!

Wade Cota

27 years – "Stay", Wade Cota

To fight and forget the lyrics during the group round, Wade took an even greater risk – he barely skirted – while playing an original. But you know, no matter what Wade sings, because he has a voice so grave, beautiful and emotional. The song is heartbreaking, but it was not particularly convincing. He remains however one of the most singular and impressive talents of the series. He just needs advice and guidance.


27 years – "God is a woman", Ariana Grande

Our first look at Bumbly and she assumed a song with a voice and a song that are still fresh in the minds of everyone. She has a small scratch in her voice and, coupled with a lot of passion and scope, she was apparently a black horse pretender to which the producers did not even expect. Or maybe it was his first real escape performance. It was an excellent choice of song that was well worth its chops, so maybe that was the key here.

Shawn Robinson

22 years – "Do not worry", Tori Kelly

Shawn has a very soft voice, with a classic R & B tone, but does it stand out enough for this competition to really take place? He spent a good part of that performance in a single round to complete it, and he proved that he had the assets to compete, but win? We are not so sure. Nothing that he does; it's just something we've heard many times before.

Riley Thompson, Raquel Trinidad and Evelyn Cormier

16 years – "Ring of Fire", Johnny Cash

20 years – "The first time I see your face", Roberta Flack

19 years old – "Wonderwall", Oasis

Riley took a country full of humor in the face of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and, even though she brought unexpected light energy and youth, we were not as seduced as the judges. Raquel, for her part, dug deep for a sensual version of Roberta Flack that worked very well, massaging the lyrics. And then Evelyn had on Oasis an incredible amount of genuine grain that we did not expect and that we knew perfectly well that she had (even though she was pronouncing certain words). This segment focused on the importance of the song choice, and the three performed well, but were not ranked in the same way. In fact, we would have placed Raquel and Evelyn well above Riley, who was both solid and commonplace. So, this ranking will only be theirs.

Nick Townsend

26 years – "In my blood", Shawn Mendes

Nick was really tied to the lyrics after losing two brothers to suicide this year. And he absolutely nailed that voice, as he did virtually every turn. Nick channels his grief into his heart and this suffering is motivation and fuel, and it adds a layer of reality that connects. It sounded good on this piece, with the right amount of grater and scope to hit the big moments.

Kate Barnette

23 years old – "Girls", John Mayer

A true independent artist, Kate has brought many unique vocal qualities to this sober song. There is not much vocally to shine with great notes as it is more about the feeling of the piece, so Kate has injected her with a lot of character. That made it a memorable performance and, best of all, it gives him a unique niche in the competition.

Margie Mays

25 years – "never enough", "the greatest showman"

Margie's happy energy has finally collapsed on herself, while her self confidence has weakened and that stress and exhaustion have almost derailed her. With a little motivation, however, she really poured everything into a beautiful song about dreams. She did not hit all the huge notes that she chose, but it was a sincere performance and she remains a great personality whose show could definitely benefit. Moreover, she is so ready to explode and to possess her talent.

Drake McCain

17 years – "Always in my head", Willie Nelson

From the first note, Drake really attracted us with an absolutely beautiful voice and perfect pitch control. He did not do too much this one, just leaving the lyrics and the emotion. It looked like a perfect mix of a pop / R & B version of the classic country, which also offered a fresh perspective. Drake is such a natural talent. he just needs to find out who he is as an artist and he could really be something.

Alyssa Raghu

16 years – "What about us?", P! nk

Having failed the Top 24 last season due to lack of stage presence, Alyssa really took this note to heart and brought an improved version here. Her voice was never questioned and, if so, she became even stronger here too. Alyssa is a better candidate than last season, but her performance remains behind her voice. She was following the scene in an unconvincing way.

Eddie Island and Alejandro Aranda

25 years old – "1974", Eddie Island

24 years – "Tears", Alejandro Aranda

In contrast to the compilation of good song choices, it was a segment about the risks of bringing original songs to this stage of the competition. Eddie has a good mood Jimmy Buffett in his character and even in his composition. This song did show his vocal abilities, but it was not a great song, far from it. Alejandro was impressed by an original during his first audition. He returned there. But he is a great guitarist and he knows how to write a song, so it was much stronger than Eddie 's piece. At the same time, it did not offer him so much dynamism to sing. He is truly a singular talent. Eddie is out, as far as we are concerned, so this ranking is for Alejandro.

Madison VanDenburg

17 years – "All I ask", Adele

After abandoning her plans to play an original song after the cautious words of Bobby Bones and her vocal coach, Madison held a last-minute exchange. But did his prudence bear fruit? The answer is yes, Madison has a similar richness in her tone. By the time she arrived at the choir, we fully believed every word that she sang as if it was her own song, and that is what an artist can do.


24 years – "Scars to your beautiful", Alessia Cara

Uche has been up to the competition so far, so he has slowed down and dedicated this performance to his younger sister. And it worked as he rearranged it in his voice, with notes of Aloe Blacc in his tone and a sincere speech. It was a wise decision to show that he is a diverse artist, able to present different things at different times.

Myra Tran & Shayy

19 years – "I cast you a spell", Nina Simone

18 years old – "Cry Pretty", Carrie Underwood

Despite the fact that social media is a favorite place, as Ryan pointed out to launch their joint segment, these singers struggled to enter this key round. Would they have derailed the hopes and dreams of their millions of fans even before they had the chance to vote for them? Well, Myra certainly continued its upward trajectory with that big old voice that was flying effortlessly all along its range. Shayy was a little more agitated, but still gave an excellent voice. These are so different singers, but both are real talents that the show will probably want to hang on to. Our ranking here is for Myra, who was stronger, because Shayy had several niches lower in the rankings and might not even be successful.

Ryan Hammond

25 years – "All I ask", Adele

After Juan Pablo, Ryan showed how to hold a powerful note without doing too much. He put as much passion into this performance as I was just as moved as when Adele sang it and almost no one could make you cry as much as Adele. He took on the queen of emotion and absolutely killed him. And he gave us an "Idol Power Note" with almost no tracks because sometimes, that's enough. It was transcendent.

Kai the singer

19 years – "Lost without you", circumscriptions of Freya

It was a new facet of Kai and it was so beautiful, with a bit of Tracy Chapman in pain that she brought that performance. Each note was so precise and so well chosen that it was one of the smartest voices in the competition so far and brought us chills several times. She has lived and breathed all her energy into these inspiring performances that seize us and never let go of anything. Who cares for the nerves, because there is an angel who only waits to break free from this shell.

Laci Kaye Booth

23 years – "Stars", Grace Potter and the nocturnes

Oh Laci, you are an absolute dream every time you open your mouth, and yet why does it surprise us every time. She is so much better than she has the right to be. She accompanies herself very well on the guitar, emphasizing her voice perfectly. She was not as strong in the chorus as we would have liked, but on the good song she is magical.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

26 years – "The first time in my life that I see your face", Roberta Flack

He has just made his way through this performance like molasses, lovingly caressing each syllable. He absolutely made this classic song his own story and it was breathtaking. There is a song and then what Jeremiah just did. He is in a class of his own as a singer, storyteller and true artist. It was easily his best performance of all time, even if he hesitated a moment to find his big note. That's the wow factor.

Johanna Jones

23 years – "The nasty game", Chris Isaak

Johanna was surprised that her boyfriend, Matt, could not be present for his Hollywood week experience, but it was a clever trick. Fortunately, he waited after his audition to give it to him. Before that, she presented an impressive and sensual voice that goes up and down the range of this very unique song. She has a big voice, knocking down and falsettos effortlessly. It was an excellent showcase for what she brings.

But then, his evening was even better when Matt came out of nowhere and launched a surprise proposal right on the stage. His parents were stunned and in tears. Johanna was in tears. Katy has absolutely lost herself, and we will not lie … Matt has us too. It was such a beautiful moment.


The most painful moment of competition occurs in the halls when candidates are divided and have to look around the room where they are facing the faces that surround them and ask themselves if they are well placed to see them now .

Room 1: Uche, Johanna Jones, Laci Kaye Booth and Alejandro Aranda, which gives the atmosphere to Room 1, that's for sure. Nick Townsend, Laine Hardy and Walker Burroughs, Margie Mays, Shayy and Drake McCain joined them. So come on, there is no show without all of these people.

Room 2: Austin Michael, Ruthie Craft, Gaba, Katie Bell and Juan Pablo. All right, it seemed pretty obvious from the outside that it's a "no" piece, but clearly, the nerves and the uncertainty of the piece make it that it's not not the case, because Juan Pablo was full of misplaced confidence.

Room 3: Tyler Mitchell, Wade Cota, Dimitrius Graham, Eddie Island, Alyssa Raghu and Bumbly rocked Hall 3, and although these auditions were some of the most audacious of the auditions, they were still superior to Room 2. Previous years, what was happening was not so neat, but this one looked like a lock.

And it was absolutely. Next step, Hawaii for the Top 40 with one last performance in front of an audience, then the selection of the Top 20. It becomes real!

"American Idol" airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8pm. AND on ABC.

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