Summary of Game of Thrones Season 8: Rise from the Ashes


Queen of the kingdom.


Sunday's Game of Thrones finale is arguably the greatest episodic television moment of this century, and it's over. After eight years, eight seasons and dozens of hours, it's over.

Season 8 has been controversial and is perhaps best described by the episode of last week, The bells. It ended most of Game of Thrones' oldest and oldest intrigues, including the Deaths of Cersei and Jaime Lannister as well as the descent of Daenerys Targaryen in Mad Queendom.

But it also triggered a backlash that led to more than a million fans signed a petition to have the season redone. So, not only does the finale have to end one of the most historic TV shows, but it must also allow fans of the jiu-jitsu bitter to feel satisfied.

OK, let's do this. For the last time, you now look at the throne. (For the last time until the prequel, C & rsquo; is.)

Here is your official warning: The full summary below contains spoilers.

The dragon and the lion

The episode of about 90 minutes was divided into two parts. The culmination of the first part was the death of Daenerys Targaryen in the hands of Jon Snow.

Episode 6, titled The Iron Throne, began with Tyrion walking in a King's Landing destroyed, whose streets were adorned with burnt and bloody bodies. He ventures into the dungeon dungeons where he finds Cersei and Jaime. He collapsed under the grief of the bodies of his brothers and sisters, who were killed by another type of decay.

Jaime and Cersei died with an astonishing little ceremony last week, but the tears of Tyrion gave them a little more seriousness.

Jon falls on Gray Worm and his squad of soldiers executing Lannister. The war is won, says Jon, and there is no reason to kill these men. The cutworm, which now carries a permanent threatening air and is very hateful, says that it is acting on the Queen's order. The two men embark on a testosterone-fueled confrontation before Jon decides he has to talk to Daenerys.

Before Tyrion or Jon can reach Daenerys, who has just fallen into the evil, she delivers a victory speech to her forces using the steps of the Dungeon. Jon and Tyrion stand behind her. Anyone please cue the ominous music.

Sweet victory?


"The war is not over before the liberation of the world," she said in the eastern language, "from Winterfell to Dorne". This last line is Jon's first hint that something is wrong with this new Dany. She proceeds to make Gray Worm her Master of War. I can not emphasize how much the cutworm has become punk.

The crowd of Unsullied and Dothraki applaud. Tyrion approaches Daenerys and she accuses him of releasing Jaime.

"I released my brother and you slaughtered a city," he replies. He removes his King's Hand badge and throws him to the ground. You may remember the first move "Take off my badge and throw it away". Ned Stark did this in Season 1, protesting King Robert's request to kill an innocent Daenerys, then to Essos without an army or dragons. Daenerys, who used his army and dragon to loot the city, demands that he be taken away. Circles man, everything is about circles.

Jon will see him. (This is an insular linear episode, with a scene that follows the story of the previous one, which is odd for Game of Thrones.) Jon, who is now absolutely unable to read a nobody, is still part of the Daenerys team. His best friend and his dragon have both been killed, he says. How could she not be a little spirited?

"You like it," said Tyrion. "I love him too … not as successfully as you." I guess that explains this scene of Season 7, when Tyrion watches Jon's door in the Daenerys cabin with an incredible thirst. (This is not a rude euphemism, they were on a boat!)

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Game of Thrones season 8 finale: our watch is over


"Love is the death of duty," says Jon, a reminder to his great-great-uncle, Maester Aemon, who told him that in season 1, Jon's father, Ned Stark , had been executed. "Sometimes duty is the death of love," retorts Tyrion. "You are the shield that protects the kingdoms of man."

Tyrion asks Jon to kill Daenerys, but Jon will not get it. Tyrion asks what Daenerys will do to Jon, the legitimate heir to the throne, and to his sisters, who know that he is the rightful heir. Sansa will never bend her knee, he warns. "She does not have to choose," Jon says.

"No, but you," exclaimed Tyrion, "and you must choose now."

People love talking about Game of Thrones, but it was an A + scene. HBO, if you redo the season, let this scene please.

Jon goes to the red dungeon to see Daenerys. Drogon stands guard. Drogon looks down at Jon, but decides that he's cool. Daenerys, in a scene almost identical to his vision of Qarth in season 2, watch the red dungeon. She catches one of the swords of the iron throne. Jon's approaching.

Jon asks him to forgive Tyrion. She says that she can not. "We can not hide behind little mercies," she says. Jon says that they are trying to build a world of mercy. Believe me, Daenerys believes that she knows what is good. They kiss each other. She tells him that they will break the wheel together.

"You are my queen, now and forever," he murmurs solemnly. They kiss – and Jon stabs her. With a dagger. At his heart. What she needed to live.

It was actually a deeply touching scene. Although she refused to release Tyrion, Daenerys showed her friendlier side as she tried to win the win alongside Jon. This made his petrified grin of betrayal all the more poignant.

Daenerys' death sparked more than my weak emotions, she also woke up Drogon. He enters the Dungeon, examines the scene and prepares his dragon breath. Jon is preparing for his second death, but Drogon does not burn him. Instead, it melts the iron throne. Drogon takes Daenerys with his claws and runs away.

Game over.

Drogon breaks the wheel.


Brandon the broken

The second part of the episode was essentially an epilogue and unfolded several weeks after Daenerys' death.

It begins with the gray worm that drives Tyrion to the dragon station of King & # 39; s Landing, where Jon and Co. brought the White Walker to Cersei in Season 7. It shows a rally of the great lords of Westeros: Bran, Arya and Sansa Stark are all here. Samwell Tarly is here. Robin Arryn and Yohn Royce from the valley are there. Ser Davos Seaworth and Ser Brienne too.

We even find Ser Edmure Tully (the brother of Catelyn Stark), taken hostage and used as Lannister's pawn after his infamous purple wedding ceremony in season 3. All the faces you know and love.

Sansa asks where Jon is. Gray Worm says that Jon has to pay for his crimes and that he is also eager to run Tyrion. What happens to Jon and Tyrion goes to the king or the queen, they decide, but there is no king or queen.

Welp, all the lords of Westeros are here. Tyrion asks them why they do not just talk to each other and choose a rule. The very poor Edmure gets up and begins to list his credentials, but his niece Sansa tells him to sit down. Sansa is great, and in a just world, it would be the one who would jump, hop, climb the throne. Samwell suggests the people of Westeros vote, but he quickly laughed at the discussion.

What unites people? Tyrion asks this question to the group. Yes, the armies, the gold and the flags are cool, but have you tried stories? While he soliloquies about tales and people, the camera revolves around the group. You can bet that the one who stops will be the new Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. (I've crossed fingers for Sansa who, as mentioned, is awesome.)

Tyrion asks who has a better story than Bran Stark?


A new era.


Bran was pushed off the top floor of a tower and lived. He was paralyzed, but learned to fly. He went beyond the wall and became the raven with three eyes. Now he knows all the stories of man. he is perfect.

Tyrion asks Bran to examine him. "Why do you think I've come all this way?" Bran says with all the warmth and excitement for which we love him. Lords and women all vote for Bran Stark – with the exception of Sansa. She likes it, but the North will remain an independent kingdom, she proclaims. No Stark knee will be folded today. Bran agrees, making his first act of ruler a naked nepotism.

This is agreed. Bran Stark is now Brandon the Broken, lord of the six kingdoms and protector of the kingdom.

I watched this episode with five people and it was about that time that I heard their whole heart shattering. It was a symphony of cardiovascular failure. I do not imagine that it will go well with the public of "remake this season", but hey, we had worse Kings.

Bran can not have children and his rule can not be passed on. Tyrion tells Gray Worm that it's the breakout that their queen would have wanted.

The second task of Bran is to make Tyrion his hand. Tyrion says that he does not deserve it, that he is not as wise as he thought it. (It's nice to hear him admit it, because he has certainly been an idiot all season.) Bran says that Tyrion does not want to be Main, but he does not want to be King, so that's why he does not want to be. is a perfect combination. Gray Worm is furious and demands justice.

"He just got it," says Bran. "He has made many terrible mistakes and will spend the rest of his life repairing them."

The stark king.

Helen Sloan / HBO

a dream of spring

After the scene in which Bran the Broken is anointed, Tyrion, now the Hand, goes to Jon's house, now a prisoner. I could not help but think that their dialogue was aimed at both the public and the advancement of history.

Jon learns that he is sent to the Wall to take the black. In the absence of Wildlings and White Walkers, Night Watch is now a place of residence for "bastards and broken men". The Unsullied wanted him dead, while Arya and Sansa wanted him to roam freely.

"Nobody is very happy, which means it's a good compromise, I guess," Tyrion said. This line reminded me of Inglorious Basterds, which ends with Quentin Tarantino, through the character of Brad Pitt, telling the audience, "This could be my masterpiece." The next exchange between Tyrion and Jon made me think of the creators D.B Weiss and David Benioff speaking directly to their audience, elements that have become hostile to them.

Jon: "It was true? What did I do?"
Tyrion: "What we made."
Jon: "I did not feel good."
Tyrion: "Ask me in 10 years."

From there, the rest of the episode resembled a generic scene where we could see the happy moments of the characters.


The new little council.


Jon says goodbye to the Starks. He tells Sansa that the people of Winterfell would have no better ruler than Ned Stark's daughter. He tells Arya to visit him on the wall. She says she will not do it because she is sailing "west of Westeros" where the known world ends. Jon apologizes to Bran for not being there for him in these difficult times. "You were exactly where you were supposed to be," says Bran. His classic.

We then see Ser Brienne read The Book of the Brothers, in which are recorded the acts of the great knights of the Royal Guard. Jaime belonged thoroughly to Joffrey in season 4 for his sparse entry into the book, but Ser Brienne occupies it that the acts of Jaime were known. She records her achievements over the years and ends with: "Death while protecting her queen".

The next step is a small board meeting, chaired by Tyrion. It begins with Grand Maester Samwell presenting Tyrion with a tome, a written history of the Great War and The Last War. The name of this book? A song of fire and ice. Bronn, who had threatened Tyrion with death two episodes ago, is now the master of the currencies. Ser Davos is the master of the ships. With Ser Brienne and Ser Podrick, they discuss the reconstruction of the city and ask if they should give priority to ships or brothels. Maybe we do not deserve peace after all.

The show ends as we follow the Stark children in their new adventures.

Sansa adorns her mother's colors and wears the Winterfell crown as a mob calls the North Queen. Arya is heading west of Westeros in a ship of the Direwolf brand.

Jon is greeted by Tormund Giantsbane on the wall and, resting one of the The darkest scenarios in the history of television, is reunited with Ghost. It's not an exercise: Jon is here to murder his queen and pat his wolf – and he's all out of Queens to murder.


The only end that matters.


The first scene of Game of Thrones saw Night Watch brethren venturing north of the wall, where they were murdered by the White Walkers. The last shot of Game of Thrones was Jon, with a squad of savages, riding north of Castle Black in those same woods.

Have you been satisfied with the conclusion? Otherwise, do not worry. George RR Martin should have finished the last books over the next two or three … decades.

Originally released on May 19.

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