Summary of Teen Mom 2 – Episode 11: Kail Jenelle Feud

C & # 39; was "Teen mom" vs "Teen Mom" ​​on Monday night, as Kail Lowry and Jenelle Evans struggled in the series without ever talking to each other directly. It takes skills.

Last December, Evans treated Lowry as a "bitch" after receiving a peace offer – Kail's new hair product – by mail. She then set the gift on fire. While it was in the headlines at the time, viewers could see what illuminated Jenelle's fuse and how Lowry reacted by seeing what Evans had done.

The episode began with Kail saying that she was going to send her DBC-based products to all cast members, guessing that Jenelle would eventually use it "for a focused practice". The next time we saw the package, it was on Instagram, where Evans posted a video of her sponging the gift with gasoline before lighting it with a blowtorch.

The producers quickly sought to reach the two women, as a Jenelle related person via FaceTime. According to Jenelle, she was checked. Kail never contacted her directly to try to crush their beef and instead sent her this package.

"Instead of contacting me and sending me text messages saying:" Hey Jenelle, I sent you a package, I'm sorry for everything that happened in the past, can we finish it? " she goes in the tabloids and she goes there and she says, "Yes, I sent a package to Jenelle, it's a rally gift for peace," Jenelle explained.

And yes, she continued to refer to the peace offering as a "peace gathering".

"I'm like, oh, so you will not even talk to me and apologize, but are you going to the tabloids and boasting of your product that you just sent home?" Evans continued.

She then added that she was particularly grieved when she heard Kail say that her husband, David Eason, needed a "psychological assessment" during a recent podcast.

"Are you going to talk about shit about my husband after you sent me a rally for peace gift, are you serious?" Jenelle continued. "She has no reason to hate David, so I said, look, David, we're going outside, we're going to get some gas and we're going to fire that shit."

Kail's prediction that both would use the gift as a target was almost a reality, Jenelle also revealing that David suggested they shoot him. But, after catching the backlash of weapons for the previous messages, Jenelle closed this idea.

"Look how crap is flammable, do not use it in your hair," Evans said with a laugh, before the producer reminded him made cover it with gasoline. "She tried to talk about all my shitty life on every podcast," added Jenelle, "I wanted it to hurt her."

Well, it does not seem to have worked, because Kail was later seen laughing at all of this. Laugh until the bank, in fact.

"I was a little pumped," said Kail to one of his friends. "I had a turnover of $ 10,000 today, because of his job.I should write him a NSF check!"

Lowry then expressed her disappointment at Evans' reaction, claiming that she was Jenelle's most powerful ally in the cast. "The thing is, for her to act like that, I've done a lot for her over the years," Kail said. "At first, I really suffered a lot for her."

"I got her out of jail," she said. "I called the job one day while she was under the influence of drugs and I went to Jersey to pick her up and take her to the airport because She was fucking the heroine that the fk knows. "

She then said that she would not be doing the meeting because of this situation. "I do not want to be in the same town as them," added Kail, who also claimed that David was "not a good person".

While talking with a producer later in the series, Jenelle's mother accused Kail of "creating trouble" by sending the package of care. However, she also said "I do not agree with that" of her daughter who set fire to the present.

The episode ended with Barbara explaining that she only tolerated Jenelle's husband to stay on good terms with his daughter.

"I'm just a little polite to him because if that's her husband and that's what she chose and if that's the only way I can talk to her, then Too bad, "says Barbara. "But Jenelle is the kind of girl she has to have a man in her life and it's like that … I've finished crying … Jenelle knows I'm here for her and it's like I told them, I'm going to be 66, gather your lives, you're all adults. "

"Teen Mom 2" airs on MTV on Monday.

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