Summary of The Voice's Top 11 Results: Who's Eliminated?


A dark cloud of foreboding threatened Tuesday's episode. The voice. By entering the top 11 results, I was sure, absolutely sure, this two singers I really loved were meant to sing for Instant Save: Dave Fenley of Team Blake, whose cover assigned by a Bill Withers 'Use Me' fan was going to facilitate the addition of 'Ref' before the title of the song, and Sarah Grace of Team Kelly, whose interpretation of "Dog Days Are Over", chosen by the fans, had looked like Florence + the Dysfunction Machine.

the-voice-recap-lynnea moorer-eliminated-top-11-resultsIf the course of the trial was more of a singing contest than a popularity contest, I would have thought that Reagan Strange of Team Adam was also a candidate for Bottom Two, in that she interpreted not only "Complicated" of Avril Lavigne while smiling aloud. she did not understand a word coming out of her mouth, but she was also singing so flat that I wondered if her earpiece was on. However, since she has bonded with young viewers, this old soul has not made Sarah – Reagan was the most-televised artist for the second week in a row – it was Sarah's stinking face that I was afraid to see one last time.

Of course, before I – we, all Blake Shelton has joined his strong team for a rather pleasant performance of "Dixieland Delight" from Alabama (which must be the first song I've ever heard included the term "turtle-dovin"); Returned to the internship Coach Kelsea Ballerini presented a casual performance of his catchy single, "Miss Me More". and JHud joined his team for a cover of "The Rose" which really blossomed when all three sang together.

And in the moment of truth …

Sent to security (in chronological order)
Kennedy Holmes (Jennifer team)
Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly)
Reagan Strange (Team Adam)
Chris Kroeze (Team Blake)
Kirk Jay (Blake team)
MaKenzie Thomas (Jennifer team)
Sarah Grace (Team Kelly) – phew!
Dave Fenley (Team Blake) – double phew!
Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly)

Bottom two

Lynnea Moorer (Team Kelly), "Tattooed Heart" – Category: C- | After the return kid managed to send Adam Tyke's teenage dream into his luggage, I started to think that she might have legs in this competition. despite the handicap that she had not joined a team until the Top 13. But if she had legs, they seemed to be pretty short. Her cover of Ariana Grande started very well and she had a lot of moments that made me think, "OK, she can sing. Unfortunately, his performance was rather poor and included as many difficult parts as not. Welcome to Go-Forth Stadium, kiddo.

the-voice-recap-Lynnea-Moorer-eliminated-top-11-resultsDeAndre Nico (Team Adam), "Take me to the King" – Note: A- | Hmm, I did not like DeAndre's cover of Jodeci on Monday, but a) it proves that the guy has a voice that does not stop, and b) it certainly would not have put him in danger of going home his home. (There was way worse!) And really, it did not seem that it was in danger of going home. The minute he started singing for backup, it became clear how much Lynnea was overworked. He demonstrated enviable reach and control, earned one of JHud's shoes and had sorry that they did not vote for him on Monday.

Saved | DeAndre Nico (Team Adam)
Eliminated | Lynnea Moorer (Team Kelly)

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