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Sunday bird feces: Andrew Cashner was traded to the Red Sox

Hello, Birdland!

Andrew Cashner will be a "Remember That Guy" player in 10 years and few people will remember the time spent with the Orioles. He has played in 45 games in the last two seasons in Charm City, but he has given black and orange exactly what was expected of him. The right-hander was just around an average pitcher in the league and he remained healthy while occasionally performing brilliant performances on the mound for two terrific teams.

He is now heading towards the rival of the division, the Red Sox, who desperately needed help. We do not know what his role will be in Boston. Could he follow Nathan Eovaldi's road and become a reliable piece? Or will it be used as a rear swing arm? This is a problem that the Orioles do not need to solve.

In exchange for Cashner, the O's received two Venezuelan hopefuls of 17 years, the player Elio Prado and the field player Noelberth Romero. Both guys will play for the Dominican League club in the near future. For what it's worth, Prado hits .303 / .400 / .418 in 33 gams this season while Romero is at .264 / .336 / .364. Neither is considered an elite prospect.


Red Sox gets Orioles RHR Cashner for 2 minor leagues – Yahoo! Sports
I do not pretend to know who is one of the players that the Orioles have received in this profession. But the fact that they are both 17 years old and heading to the Dominican League teams of the O is further evidence that this team is playing seriously long game. There is no point in retaining or trying to add expensive players in the major leagues. Go young and go all inclusive.

Orioles put Dylan Bundy on the list of injured
Andrew Cashner heading for the Red Sox and Dylan Bundy heading for the shelf, the staff of the O pitchers will be seriously put to the test. Someone must throw the remaining 70 games of the 2019 season. Things could become ugly, people.

Middle struggles and Orioles separate – Ecole de Roch
Brandon Hyde gives his opinion on the Cashner trade. Of course, he's probably a little disgusted. John Means maintains after the worst start of his brief career in the major leagues. The Jinx All-Star could be real?

Anniversaries and History of the Orioles

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

Many ex-O's are celebrating their birthday today. Field player Bernie Castro, an Oriole who played 24 games in 2005, will be 35 years old. Derrick May, an Orioles player who played 26 games in the 1999 season, is 51 years old. Victor Rodriguez, an Oriole with 11 games in 1984, is 58 years old. Smith, Oriole since three seasons from 1977 to 1979, celebrates his 66th birthday. Earl Williams (born in 1948, deceased in 2013), a public service actor for the O from 1973 to 1974, celebrates his posthumous birthday. Finally, Steve Stone, an Orioles thrower for three seasons from 1979 to 1981 and winner of the Cy Young in 1980, is now 72 years old.

1964 – Orioles' Bob Johnson sets an AHL record with his sixth consecutive success as a claw hitter.

2012 – Taylor Teagarden makes his Orioles debut after spending the first half of the season on the DL. He enters the match in the 10th inning and succeeds in a two-point tie to carry the Tigers 8-6.

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