Super Worm Moon: The final supermoon of 2019 comes with spring


The last supermoon of the year arrives this week and there is little time after the official start of spring.

Spring begins this Wednesday, March 20 at 17:58. EDT.

The supermoon – this one's called the Super Worm Moon – will take place at 9:43 pm. HAE – several hours after the official start of spring. reports that for the people of the east coast of the United States, the moon will rise about 20 minutes before sunset, at 19 hours. local time, and the moon will rise the next morning around 7:30.

Whether or not you can see everything depends on the cloud cover.

The super-moon occurs one day after the moon has reached the Perigree, the closest point to the Earth, making the full moon a super-moon, which makes it look slightly larger than the full moon does. habitually.

The "Worm Moon" would have received its name because of the beginning of the ground thaw and the reappearance of earthworms, according to the Old Farmers Almanac.

The Super Snow Moon illuminated the sky last month. AccuWeather reports that the next super-moon is not expected to increase until February 9, 2020.

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