"Supernatural" recap: Season 14, Episode 7 – [Spoiler] Is back?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the day of Thursday. Supernatural.

Dean Winchester, what's going on ?!

During Thursday Supernatural, the hunter began to have a strange and slightly blurred vision while talking to his friends and family. Of course, he has not said anything to his relatives about this disturbing development, and no concrete answer has been given about what is happening. But since Dean spent the beginning of this archangel season, it goes without saying that Michael may not have completely left his perfect ship.

"It's Michael-ish related," confirms executive producer Brad Buckner. "This is a big question mark that leads to the mid-season finale:" What is it? What's going on with him?

Buckner also notes that Michael is "with a diary somewhere, and the question mark is," Does he need permission to resume Dean again? "

Star Jensen Ackles also describes what is happening in his character as a vestige of his possession. "There are remnants of things that stay with Dean and date back to his time as Michael," shares the actor. And even if Dean would probably pretend that nothing is wrong, the problem "will not weaken. In fact, he will start to spoil himself and his nasty face will rise. "

So above Jack's illness, Dean must now worry about the ugly archangel – and for good reason. "If Michael gets him in, he could be the instrument of the end of the world," says Buckner.

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