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Surviving R Kelly Wins Best Documentary Award at MTV Movie & TV Awards June 18, 2019


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June 18, 2019 13:12:34

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Survive R Kelly won the Best Documentary Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards aired last night. Survivors Asante McGee, Faith Rodgers, Lisa Van Allen and Lizette Martinez were part of the team that took the floor to accept.

Kelly has been abusing women without consequences for more than 20 years, despite the tireless reports of a few dedicated journalists, including Jim DeRogatis. As we have seen, in the six months that have elapsed since Survive R Kelly was released, the docuseries did more to dismantle his reputation than the courageous efforts he had made before, because the survivors were ready to come forward, on camera, to tell their story. On life … that some people have criticized. Duana and I discussed this during an episode of Show your work In January, we explained why Lifetime was the right platform for this project, and not just because the show was immediately viral, highlighting R Kelly's crimes in a way that had never happened before. This could only be achieved with the right platform and the right team.

Last week, Sasha and I were on a mission to the Banff World Media Festival. Our priority was to moderate the Survive R Kelly Roundtable with survivor Kitty Jones, showrunner dream hampton, producer Tamra Simmons and Brie Miranda Bryant, senior vice president of development and scriptless programming for a lifetime. When I asked them why this was to be for life, they replied that it was because the network is composed of women for women. the Survive R Kelly The management team is made up of women, especially all black women.

It's Tamra Simmons, a young producer, who presented the project to Brie at Lifetime. Together, they approached the hampton dream to be the showrunner. It was a dream that instilled confidence with the survivors, giving them space to share their experiences without traumatizing them again. And it is the survivors, like Kitty, who have revisited their pain and made themselves vulnerable so that victims can be heard and understood. Four women, with varied professional experiences, represented almost every stage of the story, in front of and behind the camera. That is why Survive R Kelly makes the impact that he has made; it was a direct consequence of this team's implementation of the inclusion and diversity model advocated. These are the stories that become possible.

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