Survivor: David vs. Goliath: Recap: Season 37, Episode 10

So, I have an agreement that I would like to make to you. And it's a good deal, if I say it myself. Now, do not be intimidated by the fact that I took a prior negotiation course at Hard Knocks University and obtained my Master's degree in Pointless Scheming. I promise it will be right. What I think is something like this: I present you my Sisqó doll I got at an EW toy sale because no one even bothered to bet, and you give me … uh … I do not know, say everything you have in exchange.

I know! I know! It seems to me that I give up a lot. Collectors are likely to pay millions of dollars for a pint-sized recreation of the guy who sang the "Thong Song", so I obviously give up more than I earn in this deal, but it's always the kind of person I am, always trying to improve the lives of others.

What is it? Do you have a counter-offer? Would you rather have a recap instead? Well, first of all, I assure you that you are far from the first Survivor fan of wishing that. In addition, if I spend my time, who can intervene and ensure that there are a sufficient number of typos and references to series of actions subscribed to low budget, such as Baywatch Nights and Cleopatra 2525? Sit down? Never! The only people who sit things are Survivor candidates with prizes of one million dollars on the line.

Speaking of that, I guess we should go into that because there was a lot to sit in this double shot of episodes. Let's start with the first challenge of immunity. This sly bastard Jeff Probst has once again left the choice to the candidates: face to get immunity or savor a plate of nachos with alcohol. Carl, Angelina and Nick have all opted for food and alcohol rather than for competition.

Now, before continuing, I would like to point out that I have never been hungry for all my life. Of course, there was that time, I was reduced to a slice of bread so I had to eat only half from a peanut butter sandwich and jelly for lunch. It was very painful and I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night with cold sweats while thinking about it, but the fact is that I have never been deprived of food for a long time. (The longest was probably when I spent the night alone on the island of exile the night before the shooting of season 12).

So, as a person who has never really run out of food for a long time, it would be unfair for me to say to Carl and Angelina – who have been rewarded with zero food since the merger – what on earth did you think? And yet, I tell them … IT WAS WHAT YOU THINK?!? And do not even get me started on Nick, who at He may have been too busy proposing stupid wedding names to be able to eat while he was at them. But seriously, very disappointed with them.

It's a shot I make every season, so I'll try to keep it a bit short (remember, we're on a curve when I say that). You came to play Survivor. So play Survivor! Embrace the experience! And challenges are a big part of this experience. This is not the main reason for continuing to play, however. It's just my inside Survivor nerd assuring that his voice is heard. There are better and smarter reasons to play than to eat.

The main reason is that you never know when your neck is on the block, so you should fight for safety at all times. Look at Carl: He thought he was 100% safe at the Tribal Council of the next episode and look at what happened. And, apparently, the forces already seemed to have begun to mobilize against him as he started nachos in his throat. You never know, so you should always fight like crazy for anything that can keep you safe from eviction. The only thing that nachos protect you is to stay regular.

Then there is the second big reason to never miss out on a challenge: it's just a bad look, dude. If you are lucky, you will eventually ask others to vote for you as the most deserving person for the $ 1 million prize. You will sit at the last tribal council and explain to the jury how you gave everything and fought tooth and nail throughout the match. As you do this, the image you probably do not want to keep in mind is that you roam between frozen cheese and diluted margaritas, while others suffer from the competition of endurance. Just or not, it just does not fit the narration you're trying to present.

And we have already seen how current and future jurors envision this. Brochacho Dan and John Brochacho were shocked by the fact that players do not eat – even if, to be fair, the members of the jury tend to be shocked by many things. Hell, you could tell them that Probst was wearing his blue hat during the challenge and that they would probably be horrified, which is ridiculous because I am the only person lame enough to honestly criticize the color of Jeff Probst's hat. But Kara, still in the game, is one of the current players who also commented negatively on this decision by saying to Carl: "You were comfortable enough to eat nachos. That's what it is. "

Perception is the reality in Survivor and if you want to create the story that you were a real player, you can not be seen as someone who just missed out on the game. Of course, that was not the only challenge of the game. evening. In the second episode, Angelina noticed that the tribe was dangerously lacking in rice, but she thought she had expert negotiating skills to remedy the situation. She would say that she did it. I would say the opposite. Here's why.

Jeff Probst leads adventures in the ultimate (and original) reality TV series.

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