Suspicious gunman at Alabama shopping center arrested in South Fulton

A man suspected of shooting at an Alabama mall last week – which resulted in police officers killing a man who was not the shooter – was arrested in Atlanta , officials said.

The suspect Erron Brown was arrested by US marshals on Thursday morning at a parent's home in South Fulton, Frank Lumpka, an American marshal, said.

They received information that he was there and got a warrant for his arrest, Lumpka said. He was taken to Fulton County Jail.

Emantic Bradford Jr.
(Bradford Sr. Emantic via AP)

The shooting hit the headlines after police announced they shot down Emantic Bradford Jr., whom they mistakenly called a suspect. Later, they revealed that he had not pulled the trigger and was holding only a gun on the scene.

Officials said the shooter was on the run.

Two other people were injured during Thanksgiving's shooting night.

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