Next week, Hammond and his Wrecking Ball sway in Overwatch


Overwatch Gets a new hero: On July 24, 2018 as Hamster Hammond, you can swing into the Mech Slayer and clean up on the battlefield.

The "Wrecking Ball" is In fact, Lunar Colony Rescue Capsule Horizon, with which Hammond Hamster was able to flee to Earth. In Junker Town, he made a name like "Wrecking Ball".

The new hero comes into play with unique abilities and in our overview we explain what the hamster has on it. [19659004Bewareofsmallmammals2

A demolition ball rolls in the fight 07.24.18

– Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) 17. July 2018

Quad Cannons [19659007] The Quad Cannons are the standard weapons of the Mech Slayer . As a tank, you do it right. The fast gun has 80 rounds to reload.

Bullet Mode

Samus sends his greetings: With Hammond, you can always switch to ball mode and cross the battlefield faster . The transformation works the same way as with the robot hero Bastion.

Climbing hook

The new hero does not call Wrecking Ball to no avail: in ball mode, you shoot a climbing hook and you become the [4309013] demolition ball of an animal . If you accumulate enough momentum, your opponent repels while causing damage.

Adaptive Shield

The Adaptive Shield protects you from enemy damage. The most enemies in your neighborhood, the strongest of your shield . As a tank, you should always stay ahead in order to make the most of your abilities.

Stomp Attack

When in the air, you can use the Dodge key to trigger a melee attack that not only deals damage but also triggers a shock wave that catapults your enemies. .


The minefield is the ultimate capacity of the demolition ball . With it you distribute planing mines around you, which explode in contact with the opponents. So, if you have to defend a point, that ability is particularly beneficial.

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Overwatch is available for PC Playstation 4 and Xbox One im May 24, 2016

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