TJ Cunningham was a defensive back who was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 1996 and played at the University of Colorado in the early 1990s. The former NFL player, aged 46, was killed shot and murdered Sunday in a conflict involving a parking space, according to TMZ. The police report indicates that the alleged murder suspect is his neighbor, Marcus Johnson, 31 years old. Both were fighting for a parking spot and agreed to meet at the local Eaglecrest High School to settle their differences. Johnson eventually brought a firearm and fired several times at Cunningham, who died of his wounds.

According to TMZ, Johnson was arrested for first degree murder, while the so-called used pistol was found and is now used as an exhibit. There are no other details on the case at the present time.

This makes it all the more sad that Cunningham is survived by five children and his wife. A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family with the costs of the memorial. Since retiring from the NFL after a knee injury ending his career, Cunningham has become a senior assistant in a high school and has been an active member of the community.