T.J., ESPN Quinn investigative reporter: Robert Kraft video of the massage parlor will probably be published, maybe as early as this week


After Robert Kraft was formally charged with first-time solicitation of a prostitute in Florida for allegedly being paid for sex acts twice at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida, on Monday and that he was not allowed. a date of hearing has been set, it seems that the next give up, it is whether a video will be broadcast or not.

Appearing on Mut & Callahan on Tuesday morning, ESPN's investigative reporter, TJ Quinn thinks a video will come out because of Florida's laws, although some lawyers have already tried to find out more. ;Stop.

"It's Jupiter's police who will bear the consequences," Quinn said. "Florida's laws on the sunbeam open up this right to public archives, which are among the largest in the country, and evidence like this tends to come out when in many states this is not the case. That's the only place he would be in. When I talked to different sources of law enforcement, they said they expected him to be released. to be possible even this week.

"You've already seen, the Palm Beach Post had this morning a note that a lawyer had filed on behalf of several unidentified customers, listed as John Doe's, to prevent them from publishing it, claiming that They should never have been able to do it. to get the mandate to get the video in the first place. It is possible if a judge looks at them and says they have something to say, it may go on forever. When I asked people who have a good legal history in Florida, they said the law was usually pretty clear. Unless they can really challenge the law enforcement right to get this video in the first place, it will come out. "

Quinn talked to people who have already seen him.

"People who saw this said it was extremely graphic," he said. "It's very clear what's going on. If someone released him outside of a court order, he would likely have a lot of problems, but we know that happens. "

The date of Kraft's hearing is April 24, although his attorney can represent him.

UPDATE 10:15: Quinn may have tweeted that the video may not come out this week after all.

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