SIT | PKP | THE BRO-CODE | E 29 | Pracheen Chauhan | Pooja Gor

[ad_1] Meera's brother, Kartik, comes to live with them for a few months, but Abhimanyu is threatened by his presence because Kartik, being the younger brother, draws Meera's attention too much. The war between the two boys begins, but how does it end? Look to find out! Pyar Ka Punch – THE BRO-CODE This video … Read more

SINGAPORE # 1 AH LIAN # Trends # 8

[ad_1] As reported by the Straits Times (who owns the copyright on this video), Lerine Yeo used to sell Bras, Bags and Earrings at Street Market in Bugis Village. Because of his mother's frequent reprimands, she has developed her intelligent sales skills in the street. And when she started selling on FB Live, only 20 … Read more

SIT | FAMILY HOLIDAYS | Official trailer | The making

[ad_1] #TheFamilyVacation The Family Vacation trip has been long and tedious for the entire SIT team. We loved every minute of this trip. But his success depends on the love you give him. So be kind, be generous, as we prepare the final product for you. In the meantime, here's how it all started … … Read more

SINGAPORE N ° 1 AH LIAN #Trends N ° 7

[ad_1] Did you know that before Lerine Yeo became famous as the No. 1 Ah Lian all over Singapore (and a few even Batam and Penang too) … she made a video describing herself as Busty actress Yip Chee Mei from Hong Kong? – – Do you want to increase the size of your bust? … Read more

SINGAPORE # 1 AH LIAN #Trending # 6

[ad_1] – – Ah Lian is doing a video test for her Umbrella sales session. Is it a brolly? Is it broccoli? Or is it a truck? When Singaporeans speak in singlish, things will become very tinglish …. Enjoy this latest video of the Number One Online Seller of Kiasu Land Miss Lerine Yeo … … Read more

How to make a viral video Ft. Naveen Richard, Sumukhi, Srishti and Shayan | BuzzFeed India

[ad_1] Neil Menon (Naveen) and Sumukhi Chawla (Sumukhi) of the Better Life Foundation came to make a viral video for their NGO and we did not disappoint. To find out more about their NGO, you can watch it on a platform that did not pay us money to mention them. But thanks Naveen & Sumukhi. … Read more

How do I make videos about viral foods

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Singaporeans try to react to the video of the viral kungfu fighter

[ad_1] In this episode of Singaporeans Try, we react to a recent local advertisement that has attracted the attention of many people. Stay tuned to find out what we think about Kungfu moves used in! Original video: Follow the Smart Local on social media! Including (in order of appearance): Alison Tan – Zhin Sadali – … Read more

The Evolution of Viral Video – The Try Guys

[ad_1] Try Guys recreate moments from the most iconic viral videos, memes and YouTube creators of the past 20 years in an epic live performance. Eugene Lee Yang – @eugeneleeyang Zach Kornfeld – @korndiddy Ned Fulmer – @nedfulmer Keith Habersberger – @keithhabs The guys from Try – VidCon is an annual convention for people who … Read more