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Trends: Preparing for Hurricane Michael and AMA: Taylor Swift Wins Big

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Trends: Michael, a historic and deadly city, travels to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas

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VIRAL: The tornado that forms on the waters of Subic Bay leaves spectators breathless

[ad_1] The seaweed seen on the waters of Subic Bay leaves the spectators breathless. The water hawk was formed around 15:30 this afternoon. #Trombe #SubicBay #FormingTornado _________________________________ Sounds Endscreen: BADASS The music: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: If you have any complaints, questions or suggestions, please contact us at the following address: [email protected]. [ad_2] source

Weather Channel Hurricane Florence's fake news video defended by CNN

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Video: An Amazing Weather Report On Hurricane Florence Becomes Viral

[ad_1] Friday, September 14, 2018 This is probably the most terrifying weather report you can see. A Weather Channel forecast, presented by meteorologist Erika Navarro, has become viral after its impressive use of 3D graphics, showing how deadly the hurricane Florence storm surge can be. Standing in front of a green screen, we can see … Read more