Rape trend in Nepal 2018 || Understandings

[ad_1] Hi guys, here's a short informative and motivating video on rape. In recent months, all Nepali citizens have noticed that information about rape is normal, we hear from time to time talk about a rape case. Therefore, we must stop it now. I hope this will bring you positivity. I hope you like my … Read more

Nepal Trends | Trend now – What are the trends? | Ep. 3 | हप्ता के रह्यो चर्चामा?

[ad_1] Nepal Trends | Trend now – What are the trends? | Ep. 3 | हप्ता के रह्यो चर्चामा? हप्ता के रह्यो चर्चामा? First and only video content portal with entertainment content, sports, politics and lifestyle adapted to the Nepali public Our social media profiles: My Republica: Visit us at: Our Facebook page: Our Twitter … Read more

Sagi Chachi Se Pyar Party Trend Mahzaidi – Roast

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In Nepal, young people revive after the death of Ashura – Muslim Peacher | Trends on Twitter |

[ad_1] A Muslim preacher claiming that Nepalese youth who die from knife wounds inflicted by themselves while celebrating Achoura come back to life. Thank God, Imam Mahdi (as) saved the Ahmadis from such ignorance and such savagery. . [ad_2] source