Viral fatafat: a doctor beaten by nurses in Bihar's Katihar, the video becomes viral | ABP News

[ad_1] Viral Fatafat: a doctor beaten by nurses in the Katihar of Bihar, the video becomes viral These videos are viral on social networks. फाटाफैट फाटाफैट: बिहार के कटिहार में नर्सों द्वारा पीटा गया ये, ये वीडियो कटिहार मीडिया पर डॉक्टर हो गया To subscribe to our YouTube channel here: About Channel: ABP News is … Read more

Viral video of Ulama invites women to nightclubs to sing nurses, Cak Imin gives his opinion

[ad_1] TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video of a cleric who invited women in nightclubs to fend off viruses on social networks. The video is uploaded to an Instagram account @gusmiftah on Friday (7/9/2018). In the video, Gus Miftah is on stage and sings Selawat. He invited people to the public's seats, including women who wore sexy dresses … Read more