What is the trend on Weibo 11.21.18

[ad_1] Internet has burst with anger against leading fashion brands Dolce and Gabbana, many accusing it of insulting the Chinese. A big fashion show canceled at the last minute in China, after an outcry on social networks that the brand insults the Chinese. Connie Lee of CGTN has this story and more at the Digital … Read more

Trend: "Halloween" is expected to debut with $ 70 million; "The Hate U Give" spreads around the world

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Compass Tweet | New trends | Viral Photos | 27/09/2018 | PuthuyugamTV

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Trends: Preparing for Hurricane Michael and AMA: Taylor Swift Wins Big

[ad_1] Press ▶ #Trending on ABC Columbia – Prepare Michael Hurricane – AMA: Taylor Swift, Artist of the Year, record 22 awards – Google unveils Pixel 3 and Home Hub smart screens #HappyBirthday: ? Mario Lopez Mya ? Charles Dance. [ad_2] source

Trends: Kavanaugh vote and debut of "Venom" and "A Star Is Born"

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Trends: Funeral of Florence PD Sgt. Terrence Carraway

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Trends: Michael, a historic and deadly city, travels to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas

[ad_1] Press ▶ #Trending on ABC Columbia: – Mortal and Historic #HurricaneMichael in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas – #OnThisDay in 1960, "The Bugs Bunny Show" debuted on ABC – #HappyBirthday: MC Lyte, Luke Perry, Cardi B #TGIT starts at 8am: #GreysAnatomy | # Station19 | #HTGAWM youtu.be/Ya_tSD4Y3gw | bit.ly/2RHMi51. [ad_2] source