Meet the victims of shooting at school in Parkland, Florida | What is the trend now!

[ad_1] 17 people were killed when shooter Nikolas Cruz opened fire inside the high school with an AR-15 rifle. Here, we honor some of the victims and send thoughts of love to their friends and families. UPDATE: Since this video was posted, we learned that Helena Ramsey, 17, was killed in the shooting. We also … Read more

Bikin Haru's president, Jokwoi, entertained the victims of the quake until he was invited to enter the car of Rotary International

[ad_1] Thank you President Joko Widodo continued to examine the location of the affected earthquake and tsunami in Palu until the following location, namely the Roa-Roa Hotel, on Wednesday, October 3, 2018. Around 12 o'clock, the president arrived in front of the ruins of the hotel. With the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing, … Read more