What is the trend on Weibo 11.21.18

[ad_1] Internet has burst with anger against leading fashion brands Dolce and Gabbana, many accusing it of insulting the Chinese. A big fashion show canceled at the last minute in China, after an outcry on social networks that the brand insults the Chinese. Connie Lee of CGTN has this story and more at the Digital … Read more

What is the trend on Weibo 11.02.18

[ad_1] This is an amazing video surveillance of what caused the deadly bus crash in southwestern China. Many people on the Internet are wondering who is responsible for this accident. CGTN's Connie Lee has more information about this and about other viral stories at Digital Hub. [ad_2] source

What is the trend on Weibo 10.24.18

[ad_1] Is a nude sculpture a work of art or is it not appropriate to be in public spaces? This is the question that a community in China is thinking about. CGTN's Connie Lee takes a look at this story and much more at the Digital Hub. [ad_2] source