Tagar Save Save up to Bololali is fashionable, residents hold the demand for "dignity of the Boyolali" Prabowo's excuse


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Prabowo Subianto delivered a speech that was deemed offensive by the citizens of Boyolali on Tuesday (30/10/2018).

The rest of the speech was the SaveMukaBoyolali hashtag on social networks and had become a hot topic on Twitter.

Postponed by the Tribun Solo video gallery, residents organized a "Dignified Boyolai" action at the Mahesa Boyolali building on Sunday (11/04/2018).

In action, the Boyolali community urged candidate number 2 to apologize openly.

A resident of Boyolali S. Paryanto said that the action had no political element.

"What we need is that Prabowo apologizes to the Boyolali population openly because his speech," Look Boyolali, "offended the citizens of Boyolali," he said.

Thousands of thousands of Boyolali residents have also invaded a number of downtown points, including the Mahesa Building and the Fresh Milk Monument located near the Boyolali Market.

Banners and posters with various writings have clearly colored the action, including the words #SaveTampangBoyolali, StillTampangboyolali, Prabowo must apologize, Boyolali Dignified, and so on.

Traffic was also monitored because of the action.

Strict surveillance has also been exercised by the police for the safety of the action.

Previously, Prabowo Subianto, while he was in the city of Boyolali, had conveyed words that offended most people.

Prabowo was later reported to the Jaya Metropolitan Regional Police by a man named Dakun, who claimed to be from Boyolali, central Java, on Friday night (11/2/2018).

Dakun's lawyer, Muannas Alaidid, said that his client had reported Prabowo because of the "Boyolali look" in a speech by Prabowo in central Java some time ago.

The fragment of sentence in Prabowo's speech at issue with Dakun.

"I was originally from Boyolali, we were shocked by Mr. Prabowo's words, that the Boyolali community, if it entered the mall or the hotel, was expelled because it looked like Boyolali, "said Dakun.

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