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Target records all the malfunctions in the country at once, causing massive lines

A Target store in San Francisco is experiencing long queues due to a software problem.
Photo: Michael Liedtke (AP)

Massive lines and inability to make purchases were reported nationwide in Target stores after a malfunction of the retailer's cash registers due to a "system problem". Fifteen hours later, he announced that he had solved the problem.

According to CNN, "employees from three different locations in Georgia" reported that the records were empty for 45 minutes at 15 hours. AND. According to BuzzFeed News, office workers have been forced to use mobile phones to process transactions, with customers reporting one hour wait before checking and, in some cases, waiting for a check. Leave their baskets to go elsewhere. Staff in some locations reportedly distributed free drinks and snacks to the affected customers. The photos show that at least some stores were closed, while a Richmond customer told SFGate that checkout methods took between 15 and 20 minutes per customer.

A target location in San Francisco on June 15, 2019.
Photo: Michael Liedtke (AP)

"They handled the situation like pros," Jeff Clark, Mississippi resident and D'Iberville site customer told BuzzFeed. "They continued to bring Starbucks shooters to everyone because what better way to calm an intense crowd than by giving them caffeine shots!"

"The crowd has not been undisciplined," Clark told the site. "Just a little whinging here and there."

"It was just a sea of ​​frustrated people," said Oklahoma customer Washington Post's Brodie Butler. "People would throw their belongings on the ground or push their carts into the driveway and away."

In 2013, Target's national credit card database was breached, compromising the security of nearly 40 million debit and credit card accounts, as well as separate data including names, phone numbers and addresses. postal and email addresses of tens of millions of others. In 2017, Target agreed to pay $ 18.5 million into a settlement (estimating the total loss of $ 202 million).

This does not seem to be a similar situation. The spokeswoman for the target, Danielle Schumann, said that after a "thorough but thorough review," she had determined that the failures were not a "data breach or security problem." "and that no data had been compromised, wrote BuzzFeed. The staff solved the problem after two hours.

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