Tax refunds are a scam and Democrats feed it

PThe Trump resident squandered his political capital using the first two years of his presidency to adopt a tax rebate that was still unpopular. This does not allow the Democrats to lie about it in order to continue to cheat the American people.

The lie is that taxes go up on most people of the middle class. The scam is that larger "tax refunds" simply mean that the government holds a larger share of your money without paying you for it.

Currently, some reports suggest that tax filers are surprised to receive a lower "refund" than in the past. The Democratic National Committee took advantage of what it apparently saw as a political opportunity, sending an e-mail on Wednesday stating that "taxpayers were receiving lower than expected tax refunds, or even that they had to pay more taxes ".

Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Who is running for president, also said in a tweet from last week that "The average tax refund is down about $ 170 from last year . Let's call the president's taxes reduce what they are: a middle-class tax hike to cover the pockets of already-rich corporations and the 1%. "

This is the disappointment on a diabolical level.

The DNC email itself included a link to a Washington Post article explaining why the 2019 refunds would be lower than in previous years, but the DNC should not expect anyone to read it .

The February 10 Post article posts important information in 12 paragraphs, but nonetheless, it is written: "Many Americans can confuse their meager repayments in sign that they paid more taxes in because of the law on the reduction of taxation and the creation of jobs. Generally, this is not true.

The new law reduces federal income taxes for the vast majority of Americans, resulting in an increase in pay checks by their employers. The IRS has also tried to balance the way it collects taxes so that, ideally, Americans do not pay too much and therefore do not receive a large refund.

This enters into the ridiculous scam of "restraint" that Democrats claim to be in fact a kind of free gift to people.

Our current joke tax system, which Trump had promised to simplify, although his law does not really do it, is designed in such a way that the federal government collects more money every year than you do. the must before paying it back. "

Ordinary people find joy every year by getting this check from the IRS, in the same way that you could rush to find $ 20 in a coat that you have pulled out of the store for the winter. But why should we assume that each year you give the government a nice little loan that they repay without interest?

And this is only refunded after you have gone through the tedious process of reporting your taxes.

It would be like ordering a shirt, receiving a dress, and then the store employee offering you a refund only after a year and after completing a 30-minute questionnaire.

Why would anyone leap for joy at this arrangement? And then, willingly, year after year?

At the moment, the government says you have little choice, but the new tax law was a step in the right direction to avoid withholding issues.

Democrats, on the other hand, would prefer to keep more of your money and act as a gift when they return it.

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