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Taylor Kinney likes a shady commentary on Lady Gaga on Instagram

Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga, Oscar Night at Vanity Fair 2016

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For some Hollywood nuances, look no further than Taylor KinneyThe Instagram feed of.

the the Chicago fire The star made the headlines when people noticed a comment on a recent photo that he posted, dissing the new Oscar winner. "I'm glad you're moving away from Gaga," wrote a fan to the star. "#Hollyweird."

Kinney's answer? He liked the comment! Do whatever you want with it.

The little monsters of Gaga are well aware of their romantic story, but for those who have not followed it so closely, the two met on the set of the clip of his 2011 title, "You and I." . They started dating, and in 2015 Kinney proposed Valentine's Day. The couple became a red carpet fixture during the 2016 awards season as Gaga celebrated the success of his performance American horror story. However, in July, E! News confirmed that the couple had called for the resignation. Just a day later, Gaga spoke to the reports, giving the impression that it was not over for good.

"Taylor and I always thought we were soul mates, like all couples we have ups and downs, and we take a break," she captioned on Instagram. "We are both ambitious artists, hoping to work on far-off and complicated calendars to pursue the simple love we have always shared.Please, encourage us.We are like everyone else and we really love each other. "

In the fall, Gaga abandons the first single "Perfect Illusion" from her latest album, Joanne. "This video is a performance of a song I wrote about how I feel, but of what I'm sure I sometimes feel, what you sometimes feel, what others are feeling feel in their relationships, how I see my friends struggling and just getting full of rage and anger as they try to figure out how to get out with someone at a time when everyone creates these perfect illusions on the Internet and where no one really knows what is real and what is not, "she told E! New. "It's about all that."

A few months later, she was seen kissing an ex-fiancée Christian Carino during the Super Bowl weekend in 2017, ending any hope of finding Kinney. It has recently been confirmed that the triple threat and talent agents have dissolved.

Despite his recent impromptu appearance on Instagram, Kinney has always had amicable comments to publicize about his ex and his continued success.

When E! News met the actor in October 2018 just as A star is born was released, Kinney commented frankly although he admitted he had not seen him.

"I can only wish him the best," he says. "I'm really proud."

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