Taylor Swift Announces New Music Release Date with Countdown Clock

Taylor Swift lives for the hype. Over the years, she has often left traces before the release of new music (and more recently personal essays). About six weeks ago, Swift began posting encrypted photos to his Instagram account with a mood that was significantly different from his previous posts. Unlike his dark, edgy Reputation For the photos, these new dreamy pink images did not fail to point out to Swifties that a major change was underway. In addition, the images posted seemed to signify a countdown: seven palm trees, the sixth step, five closing holes … all leading to the publication of his essay for Elle UK on songwriting.

Taylor Swift | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic
Taylor Swift | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

The fans obviously hoped that the countdown would lead to the next Swift album. But an essay on the personal writing process of the pop star is probably the best thing to do.

A week after Swift's first Elle Swift release in the UK, Elle USA has released another essay written by Swift on what the artist has learned during his thirty years of life (his birthday is in December).

On Saturday morning, at Swift's website, at midnight, a giant countdown clock appeared in front of a swirling cotton candy sky, very much in line with Swift's newly established social media atmosphere.

Fans think this the countdown must be that one. This The countdown will surely lead to new music. They have already been burned, but how many personal essays can a pop star write? The day is teased on April 26th.

It should be noted, however, that Billboard pointed out that it was possible that the first palm post had been reporting since April 26th.

"At the end of February, fans began to think that the superstar's seventh album was imminent, based on Swift's February 24 message on Instagram. The Swifties noticed that there were exactly seven palm emoticons in the Swift legend, which meant that TS7 was imminent. They also pointed out that there were 61 stars in the photo – and that it turned out that there are exactly 61 days between February 24, date of publication of the photo originally on Instagram, and April 26, the date teased. "

We would not want Swift twice to repeat its release dates using only one Instagram post. There is a good chance that the photo of the seven palm trees alludes to the countdown of her Elle trials as well as to what is happening on April 26th.

What exactly do we have on April 26th?

Now the question is this: will Swift deposit the entirety of her album or a simple one? Fox News thinks that the singer will only drop one:

"It is likely that this is the first single of the new contract between Swift and Universal Music Group," writes the newspaper.

Vanity Fair seems to be in the camp that Swift will release his seventh full-length album:

"The timing is right: Swift's latest album, Reputation, was discontinued in November 2017. It should also be noted that Swift signed a new historic contract with Multi Music Group in November 2018, following the dissolution of its exclusive contract with Big Machine Records. "

We hope that April 26, with the defeat of Thanos, will be a full and heavy album. And maybe some other clues of dreams along the way.

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