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Taylor Swift fans show that they are #StandWithTaylor in the middle of the Braun drama at the Amazon Prime Day concert

After a week of theater, Taylor Swift hosted the Amazon Prime Day concert, hosted by Jane Lynch and accompanied by artists such as Dua Lipa, SZA and Beck G.

After the singer's Tumblr post about the acquisition of Big Machine Records (and her masters) by Scooter Braun, fans could not help wondering if Swift would talk about the drama at the concert.

Taylor Swift | Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Amazon
Taylor Swift | Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Amazon

She did not do it explicitly, but fans reported a subtle hint of her feelings about it throughout her performance, especially in songs that mentioned "liars" and "dirty cheats".

Even if Swift was not going to present the Big Machine Label drama, his fans would show their support.


"Hold that pink heart against your flashlight as soon as Taylor Swift finishes her first song," read the paper hearts held and distributed by many of those present.

When Swift finished his first song, "ME!", A sea of ​​rose was visible in the audience.

Gigi Hadid, Ashley Avignone and Justin Theroux, all of whom have taken videos from the pop star board, also supported Swift.

Amazon Prime Day set by Taylor Swift

The Swift series presents many of its former successes. Like "Love Story".

"I started in country music, and one thing that has been really wonderfully consistent throughout my music career is that I write all this," she said. , apparently reminding his audience that Braun might own her previous music, she is the original creator. "That's what I love most about writing songs and going around the world, and you're kind enough to worry about the words I wrote … all those who sang those words, is like, yes, thank you. When I was 17, I ended up writing this song in my room when I was alone and you never really know what will happen in life, and I did not know it would go around the world and completely change my life. "

She has also played the live debut of her latest single "You Need to Calm Down", an acoustic version of "Welcome to New York," "Style," "Blank Space," "Love Story," "I knew you had trouble, "And" Delicate. "

Before you play "You must calm down," she gave her audience and viewers at home a taste of what listeners can expect. Lover.

"I have a new album to come out, I'm really excited about it. I'm really happy to share it with you. I really am, because it's called Lover. The album is a love letter to love. I think that love is such an inspiring thing to write, especially for us songwriters. Love is so many things, love is complexity, love is pain, love is hope, love is equality, "she said.

She closed, not with a new song, but with "Shake It Off," where many members of the audience thought she was particularly insistent on the "dirty, dirty cheats of the world."

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