Taylor Swift has launched an encrypted countdown and fans are panicking

An enigmatic countdown appeared on the singer 's website around midnight ET on Friday, and ended on April 26.

It's 13 days from now. 13 is the lucky number of T-Swift.

Adding to the mystery, Swift also tweaked the picture of her Twitter profile to give her the same pearly background on her website and published a picture of a pink heart made up of sparkling gems.

This is not the first time Swift sends fans into a frenzy.

She cleared her social media accounts for three days in 2017 before coming back online with a 10 seconds video clip of a snake. Two days after the snake clip, she announced the album "Reputation". The single "Look What You Make Me Do" album came out the next day.

But if the new music is a probable theory, it could also be totally different.

In an essay for Elle magazine entitled "30 Things I Learned Before I'm 30", Swift shares her interest in countdowns.

"I'm counting down for things that fascinate me," she wrote. "When I've gone through dark, low times, I've always found a slight relief and hope to get a countdown app (they're free) and add things that look forward to me." . "

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