Taylor Swift hinted at her upcoming Drop music with a series of complicated clues

On Saturday, shortly after midnight, Taylor Swift posted a countdown to her website and Instagram stories suggesting … something is going to happen on April 26th.

Swift changed her profile photos on her social networks to turn them into a pastel pink cloud image – a color palette similar to the one she wore during her most recent public appearance at the IHeartRadio Music Awards the month last, as well as other images recently posted on Instagram.

True to his style, Swift released the countdown on April 13, exactly 13 days before the last day. It is well known that 13 is Swift's lucky number.

Some eagle-eyed Swifties noticed that in October 2018, Swift had posted a picture of herself playing Scrabble with her mother next to the caption "Let the games BEGIN".

National Scrabble Day is April 13 – today.

Encrypted social media messages also support the way she has announced new music in the past. Before announcing her 2017 Reputation album, the singer cleaned up everything and started to publish images and videos of snakes.

In addition, in a recent article in Elle magazine in which Swift wrote about the 30 things she had learned before she was 30, she explained that she was counting down for them. things that interested him.

"When I've gone through dark, low times, I've always found a slight relief and hope to get a countdown app (it's free) and add things that will make me feel better. interest, "she said.

Note that since Taylor Swift is perhaps the most meticulous person in the world, the countdown comment was the 26th thing on the Elle list. Again, no matter what happens later this month, it's the TWENTY-SIXTH APRIL.

The countdown clock has also been aired in Times Square, New York, as well as in other places around the world, including London and in Melbourne – above the URL aprilTwentySix.com – which redirects to his official website. (If you take a closer look, the letters T and S are capitalized in the countdown URL. "T" + "S" … "TS" … "Taylor Swift" … understand it?)

Whatever happens on the 4/26, the Swifties are pumped:

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