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Taylor Swift performs for the first time since the post of Scooter Braun

So when she went on stage Wednesday for an Amazon Prime Day performance, all eyes and ears were on alert. Would she have anything to say about her public battle with the director of music, Scooter Braun, which started after the purchase of her music catalog?

Swift played "You Must Calm" and "ME!" as well as his 2014 hit, "Shake It Off" for the final.

Audience members say that during the spoken section of the song, "Just think that while you are talking to the liars and the dirty cheats of the world, you could have put you to beat that sick rhythm" The singer Huge statement, "The liars and the dirty, the cheaters of the world."

"You can see absolute disgust and anger when she shouted" Liars and Dirty Dirty Crusts ", then she went into the light of day and stopped," wrote a fan on Tumblr.

"Liars and filthy dirty you know who you are," wrote another.

Another person tweeted: "Me when @ taylorswift13 just shouted" WORLD MOTHERS AND SURGEONS "#PrimeDay

Not to mention Braun's name, Swift congratulated her supporters and pointed out that she felt good.

"One thing that has been really wonderfully coherent since I make music is that I write everything, and that's my favorite thing, write songs, then they come out of the world and I'm really lucky you're nice enough to worry about those words that I've written, sing them to me, "she says. "It's legitimately the coolest feeling in the world."

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