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Taylor Swift regrets to be publicly disputed with ex-Joe Jonas about "Ellen"

It's water under the bridge for Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas.

The 29-year-old singer told Ellen Degeneres on Wednesday that she regretted that Joe Jonas had starred in "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" after the two teenagers split up in 2008.

"[The most rebellious thing I did as a teen was] probably when I put Joe Jonas on fire on your show, "said Swift, embarrassed. "It was too much."

Swift and Jonas briefly dated in 2008. After the separation of the two men, Swift was not afraid to talk about the circumstances in public.

"It's good, I'm cool," Ellen told Swift in an interview in 2008: "When I find this person who suits me, she will be great. And when I look at this person, I will not even remember the boy who broke up with me on the phone in 25 seconds to 18 years! It was a record, I think. I watched the call log, I think it was about 27 seconds. It must be a record! "

In the typical Swift manner, the shattered singer documented her feelings about Jonah with a song called "Forever and Always," which was published on her album "Fearless" and even called it in her monologue. SNL a year later.

"You might think I would mention Joe, the guy who broke up with me on the phone, but I'm not going to talk about it in my monologue," she slyly sang in front of a smiling crowd. "Hey Joe, I'm fine, tonight I'm welcoming 'SNL'. But I will not boast of that in my monologue. "

Jonah responded with a song of his choice. Entitled "Much better," he said. "Now I'm done with the superstars and all the tears on the guitar."

Both have put the past behind them, it seems, as they can joke about their drama spent in adulthood.

"We are laughing now," Swift told Ellen. "But it was in the mouth. Just some teen stuff there.

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