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Taylor Swift reveals the songs that helped her heal after bad separations

Taylor Swift. She UK

ELLE UK / Quentin Jones

Never underestimate the power of music.

It's no secret that millions of Swifties from around the world have connected to Taylor SwiftThe personal lyrics and infectious beats of.

But it turns out that the superstar of pop music also has its share of artists who have engaged in percussive songs.

While covering ELLE UKMusic Issue, 29, wrote an essay on the power of pop. Through her writings, Taylor has revealed some artists and songs that have helped her through various stages of her life.

"When I hear" How to save a life "by The fray, & # 39; Breathe (2AM) & # 39; by Anna Nalick or & # 39; The Story & # 39; by Brandi CarlileI immediately realized that I was 17 years old and that I was on tour for months, "she explained. When I spent a day at home between long distances on the road, sharing a van with my group and my team, I spent my rare nights of painting alone with lit candles in my room – just being alone with those songs (those These are all The anatomy of Gray soundtrack. My commitment in this show knows really no limit). "

Taylor continued, "I am convinced that you are learning by Alanis Morissette, & # 39; Put your discs & # 39; by Corinne Bailey Rae and & # 39; Why & # 39; by Annie Lennox actually healed my heart after bad ruptures or disappointments. "

Can anyone else say that it can be narrated?

Taylor Swift. She UK

ELLE UK / Quentin Jones

Personal confessions arrive as rumors circulate that Taylor could release his seventh studio album on March 1st.

While the Grammy winner remains a mother, she had fun on Instagram and responded to speculation. "She just read all theories," Taylor wrote on Instagram with a picture of her cat, obviously shocked.

In his personal essay for ELLE UKTaylor shared his point of view about what fans expect from their favorite artists.

"I think these days, people are looking for connection and comfort in the music they're listening to.We like to be entrusted and hear someone saying that's what I've experienced it as proof that we can get through our own struggles, "Taylor explained. "In reality, we do NOT want our pop music to be generic, I think a lot of music lovers want a biographical glimpse into the world of our narrator, a hole in the emotional walls that people place around them to survive. "

Taylor Swift. She UK

ELLE UK / Quentin Jones

She continued: "This glimpse of the artist's history invites us to connect it to ours and, at best, to the possibility of assigning this song to our memories. song and our memories of the time it has helped us heal, or make us cry, dance or escape, which stands the test of time.All like a good book. "

And for those who wonder what more than Taylor's playlist, we are happy to share a taste of his musical tastes.

When she hears Panic! At the disco"I write sins, not tragedies," Taylor immediately returns at the age of 16 and drives down the streets of Tennessee with his best friend, Abigail.

With regard to the Dixie Chicks"The classic single" Cowboy Take Me Away ", Taylor can not help but travel back in time, as she was just starting a career.

"I instantly remember the feeling of being twelve, sitting in a small paneled room in my family home in Pennsylvania," she said. "I squeeze a guitar and learn to play chords and sing the words at the same time, repeating for a concert in a cafe."

How she came!

The April issue of ELLE UK is on sale everywhere on March 7th.

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