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Taylor Swift You Must Calm Stereotypes Video Twitter Feedback

The video clip for Taylor Swift's song, "You need to calm down," has just disappeared, but Twitter is doing everything but calming down. The lyrics were already openly Anti-Homophobia, but the video composes up to a thousand (in case they are too subtle ?!). With a rainbow trailer park and around a hundred celebrities, the video shows Taytay and his colorful gay friends (and Katy Perry, because in case you have not heard it, their quarrel is over) chillin 'and being fabulous while being bawled by a pile of bumpkins waving signs (THE HOMOPHOBES). However, people are far agree with the way both sides are stereotyped in just three and a half minutes.

Anti-LGBTQ antiquity +

At about halfway through the video, we are introduced to the anti-LGBTQ + crowd protesting the false marriage of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita. Of course, they are described with as much nuance as the lyrics of the song. Seriously, look at this guy:

pictureTaylor Swift Vevo


We even see a sign saying "GET BRAIN MORAN" many times, because IRONY! You are the fools!

The implication is that it is the backward country types that are the real bad guys here (of course, saying that "the implication" is a little generous – all this video is so much on the nose that it could put me in gap). However, although I like * to like * saying with sufficiency, this stereotype is far from being true. As Weird eyeof the The Fab Five show (which also plays in this video) OWN SHOW DEMONSTRUE, even being the most scarlet of the rednecks does not mean that you are also a hateful person. Moreover, our real threat does not always concern the aggro demonstrators: the bigots wearing clothes and occupying workstations can be even more dangerous.

Rainbows! Shine! Pride!

The recording media contrast with the hero of our video, Taylor Swi. I mean, the LGBTQ + community, of course! There are so many drag queens in this video that I can basically taste the hairspray from here. As fabulous all this is consistent with many stereotypes about pride. On the one hand, queer male celebrities way Women outnumber other women (Alexa, what's a lesbian?). In addition, at a time when initiatives to bring Pride back to his activist roots are legion, a video perhaps showing the LGBTQ + community as a massive party is a bit dumb?

Whatever the case may be, the petition linked to the end of the video contains over 200,000 signatures, so at least the stereotypes are helpful to something. And in the end, there are so many springing reactions from the queer community scattered among those who are angry.

Taylor, despite the negative reaction, does a positive thing at the end of the day. And we can not hate about it.

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