TCL's 4K Roku TV is Cheaper than Ever, and Amazon Offers Discount Devices for Fire TVs

Most presidents' day sales are over, but there is still a lot of outstanding business going on. The Roku TV TCK 65 inch 6 series 65 inch TCL is cheaper than ever. Amazon has promised several products for the Smart Home Ring, as well as all its Fire TV decoders. Oh, and apparently, this is anime month. So there are discounts on beloved animated series on Blu-ray and DVD. Here are some of the best deals we have seen so far today.

TCL Series 6K RKu 4K HDR TVs are highly recommended if you care about quality, but do not want to spend more than $ 1,000. The 65-inch model is currently the cheapest it has ever been at Amazon. Usual cost around $ 1,000, currently $ 829.99. In early January, we saw it drop to $ 849, but if you wait a little more, it's a good time to buy.

If 65 inches is too big for your home, the 55-inch model costs $ 579.99, only $ 30 more than the cheapest price, according to CamelCamelCamel price tracking. You can occasionally find a better price at Best Buy, but be aware that neither its 55-inch or 65-inch models include the voice-operated remote that comes with the standard TV sold by Amazon.

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Amazon Fire TV streaming sticks and decoders are also discounted for the next few days. Whether you're looking for something that's easy to connect or you want to set up a more complex configuration that can record shows with Amazon's Fire TV Refast, Amazon's device catalog is cheaper.


If you want to equip your home with smart bells and ring lights, you can do it cheaply until February 23rd. Most of its product catalogs offer a $ 30 discount, but if you really want to maximize your savings, Amazon is offering Echo Dot, a third-generation group, for $ 10 more. This smart speaker has recently regained its original price of $ 49.99. So you have the chance to get it for a great price. Note that it is always out of stock; adding it to your shipment will therefore delay it to March 13th.

Cowboy Bebop

Tons of reputed animated series are available on Amazon for a lower than average price for the month's celebration of the anime. The selection is not exhaustive, but there are some notable classics:

Best Buy offers a free Google Home Mini Smart Speaker when you buy a set of tiled Bluetooth trackers. It currently offers two bundles: a combo of Mate and Slim trackers and another of four Mate trackers. For your information, the Mate offers user replaceable batteries, but the Slim will have to be discarded once the battery runs out. If you want to keep them after the batteries run out, the four Mate tracker pack is your best choice.

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