Teachers do not need police training at the police level, the rules of the Ohio Judges


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By Associated press

HAMILTON, Ohio – A judge ruled that the policy of an Ohio school district allowing trained teachers and staff to carry hidden guns to school does not require many hours of training required by the police.

A Butler County judge ruled Thursday in a lawsuit filed by parents at local schools in Madison. The prosecution was aimed at preventing armed personnel from completing less than 700 hours of peace officers. District policy requires less than 30 hours.

The judge allowed the parents to obtain the policy documents they were looking for.

The parents' co-counsel, Rachel Bloomekatz, said in a statement that she was grateful for the documentation but that she did not agree with the decision on training hours and considered all the options.

A district statement, in which one student shot and injured two classmates in 2016, indicates that student safety remains his primary concern.

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