Teamfight Tactics teases Set 5 theme, spectator function, “turbo” mode


▲ An evil Darius arrives in Teamfight Tactics in Set 5. Images via Riot Games

On Thursday morning, Riot Games revealed brand new information on what Teamfight Tactics players can expect in 2021 as part of their 2021 season opening day live stream. 200,000 fans watching their official live stream on YouTube, TJ Bourus, the automatic chess mode product manager, spoke about what players can experience in the short and long term.

▲ Teamfight Tactics product manager.

While the segment dedicated to Teamfight Tactics was shorter than most, players have received confirmation that two sets of content will be released in 2021, including the mid-game expansion, in the coming weeks. Set 5, whose name has not been made public, will have a good versus evil vibe, according to Bourus. Details were not shared apart from champions such as Garen and Riven will represent the “good guys” while Darius, Volibear, Morgana, Teemo and the Viego (the new “Ruined King” champion) will make up some of the more upcoming villains. late this spring.

For gamers looking to mix up their gaming experience, the development team today announced that a “turbo” game mode is on the horizon. According to Bourus, people who want an easier and faster way to play TFT will have fun with the new game mode which they will share more information on later in the year.

The last piece of information revealed during the stream is what players have been asking for shortly after the game’s release: a spectator mode. The development team is working hard to create an esports-specific spectator mode for the end of the year, which they aim to prepare for the Set 5 world championship. No other details. was shared on when we can get to the game’s standard client.

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