Teen Valley smart watch saves her life


PHOENIX – A 13-year-old boy from Valley said his smart watch saved his life.

"I started feeling dizzy and dropped my eyes to my heart rate and he indicated 219."

Lynsey Hardison, Austin's mother, remembers this early August day and admits that she was a bit skeptical when her son told her that her smartwatch was claiming her heartbeat was dead. About 220 beats per minute.

"I knew the school was starting next week and he was starting to worry about it and thought it might just be anxiety."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your maximum heart rate is 220 bpm, less your age. The American Heart Association says that for most of us, our normal resting heart rate should be around 60 to 100 bpm.

So for Austin, his maximum heart rate should never have been more than 207 bpm. He should have been able to reach 220 bpm only in extreme circumstances, as he had been doing vigorous physical activity, without sitting on the couch while watching TV as he it was when his smart watch alerted him.

Fearing that something was wrong, the Hardison took Austin to Phoenix Children's and learned: "He was suffering from a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome." He was born with that and we were never aware of it, "said Austin's mother. .

In attributing this discovery to this smart watch, Austin wanted to make a Christmas present almost a year ago. Austin now knows that a watch can do more than just show YouTube and play games.

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