Telegram v8.0.1 Features Synchronized Chat Themes, Live Stream Recordings, and More (APK Download)


Telegram updates are always packed with thoughtful new features, and it’s no different from the latest release the company pushed to the stable channel, Telegram version 8.0.1. The version brings synchronized Facebook Messenger-like chat themes, interactive emoji, improved read receipts, and the ability to record live streams and video chats.

The new themes are separate from the global theme options in your Telegram app settings and instead refer to individual chats only. The designers of Telegram have created a total of eight new themes (with many more to come) that can be applied to specific individual conversations. Each one comes with gradient message bubbles, animated backgrounds, and unique background patterns.

When you apply a theme, the person you’re talking to will also see the change from their side, making both of you feel more connected and also helping you avoid accidentally sending sensitive messages to the wrong chat.

Each of the themes comes with day and night versions, respecting your respective system settings in dark or light mode. They can be configured by tapping on a chat’s header and then on the three-dot menu, where you should find a new one. Change colors option.

Chat topics aren’t the only thing Telegram wants to sync between you and your chat partner. When both of you are online, you can share full screen emoji animations with vibrations. Telegram writes: “Send a single πŸŽ† πŸŽ‰ 🎈 πŸ‘ πŸ’© or ❀️ to any private chat, then tap the animated emoji to trigger a full screen effect.”

For group chats, this release brings improved read receipts, as we already noticed in the beta. As before, a group message is marked as read by two check marks as soon as only one member of the group sees it. But now you can also long-press the message to see who exactly saw the message and who didn’t, in case you need to make sure everyone is on the same page with it. a date that you are trying to configure. Telegram automatically removes these read receipts from its servers after seven days for privacy reasons. The company says read receipts are only live for β€œsmall groups,” but doesn’t specify what exactly is considered small. The screenshot shows a group of 12 members, for what it’s worth.

Telegram also added the ability to record live streams and video chats, giving members who missed the show or conference a chance to catch up with everyone. Only group admins can start recording, with options to record audio only or both video and audio. Before starting, they need to choose an orientation for the video file, portrait or landscape. While recording, a red dot will appear next to the broadcast title, and when the event is over, the file will be saved and automatically uploaded to saved administrator messages.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov further shared that the new version of Telegram is the first to use 64-bit storage architecture for chats, messages and scripts. This is because “Telegram had quickly approached the maximum number of 32-bit IDs, which is around 2.1 billion,” he writes. The new update will thus allow the chat app to continue to grow, as it leaves room for many more users and groups to come.

A side effect of the update is that Telegram has to rebuild its local database on your phone to work with the new 64-bit system. That’s why it may take a minute or two until the app is ready to use when you first open it after updating.

Telegram is also investigating some connection issues reported by Android users after the update. If you are experiencing the issue, logging out and logging back in should fix it, but Telegram is working on an update that will alleviate the issue completely.

As always, Telegram’s new update is rolling out to the Play Store as we speak. If it is not yet available to you, you can also get the app from APK Mirror.

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