Ten percent of Tesla's kilometers traveled with autopilot


Photo: Christophe Ena (AP)

When the Tesla autopilot program was launched in 2015, it seemed like a revolutionary technology to add to our cars. With a minimum of driver commitment, our cars would drive themselves from point A to point B. All we have to do as a human being is careful that nothing terrible happens .

According to Tesla, to date, its owners have traveled a billion kilometers with the autopilot activated. Although this seems to be an important figure, it represents about 10% of all the miles powered by the autopilot.

That ten percent, however, includes all Tesla cars, including those sold before the autopilot was an option and those sold to consumers who had chosen the Autopilot option. What makes this figure "one billion" seem much larger.

The autopilot function is designed as a means of essentially checking security – and it is not completely foolproof. This is done do not This means that the driver can simply relax while the car is doing all the work. Unfortunately, the functionality of the autopilot has been the subject of many scandals, largely due to a driving error and the fact that even the technology is not perfect. According to Tesla:

The autopilot is intended to be used only by a perfectly attentive driver, who has his hands on the wheel and is ready to take over at any time. While the autopilot is designed to become more efficient over time, it is not, in its current form, an autonomous driving system, it does not turn a Tesla into a self-driving vehicle and does not allow the driver to give up his responsibility. Used properly, the autopilot reduces the driver's overall workload and the redundancy of eight external cameras, radar sensors and 12 ultrasonic sensors provides an extra layer of security that only two eyes would not have.

This is a very interesting step for society and for the entire automotive industry.


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