Tesla and Subaru tanks soar in new Consumer Reports reliability survey


Asked about Consumer Reports' new Model 3 review, a Tesla spokesperson said: "We are setting an extremely high bar for Model 3. We have already made significant improvements to address potential customer issues. model 3. referenced in this report, and our return policy allows any customer dissatisfied with his car to return it for a full refund. "

The spokesperson added, "This new Consumer Reports data comes from their annual Homeowner Satisfaction Survey, which runs from July to September, so the vast majority of these issues have already been corrected through improvements in design and manufacturing, improvement of our field data ".

While many Tesla owners may not be satisfied with the reliability of their cars, Consumer Reports reports that these owners are generally satisfied with their electric vehicles.

"They love their cars, but they always tell us the truth, they tell us the problems they're having with them," Fisher said.

As a brand, Tesla has dropped 11 places to the 13th of 33 brands ranked by Consumer Reports. Tesla is on par with Chrysler for recording the biggest drop in the brand 's ranking in this year' s auto edition.

In comparison, Subaru has climbed to the top of the latest car brand rankings. The Japanese brand has climbed six places to become the number one Consumer Reports, just ahead of Genesis, Porsche, Audi and Lexus.

"Subaru is doing almost everything very well," Fisher said. "They make a nice car to drive and great reliability too."

Consumer Reports' worst-rated brands are Fiat, just behind Jaguar and Land Rover.


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