Tesla button “Request FSD Beta” is officially released


After months of waiting, Tesla owners who want to participate in the company’s FSD beta program can now officially request that the advanced driver assistance system be loaded into their vehicle. The release of the “Request FSD Beta” button comes ahead of the deployment of the FSD 10.1 beta, which is expected to be distributed to company testers over the weekend.

It’s been a long wait for Tesla owners looking to test the company’s most advanced driver assistance system to date. Originally slated for release months ago, the rollout of the “Request FSD Beta” button has been repeatedly delayed. True to Elon Musk’s recent claims on Twitter, however, the wait for the famous button is now over, with Tesla releasing the feature in its 2021.32.22 software update. According to the update release notes:

“Request a full beta of self-driving”

“You can now request early access to the full self-drive beta while you wait for your eligibility. To get started, tap “Controls>” Autopilot “> Request Full Self-Drive Beta” and follow the prompts. “

Similar to the FSD Beta program that was originally released for the company’s first batch of testers last October, Tesla has seriously insisted that safety should be paramount when using the advanced driver assistance system. . This can be seen in the emphasis on safe driving the company refers to in its recent update, as well as the use of safety scores to determine which drivers are eligible for the program.

“Thank you for your interest in the Limited Early Access to the Full Self-Drive Beta!” The Tesla team analyzes your vehicle’s driving data and safety score to determine eligibility. You can view your safety score from the Tesla app at any time (version 4.1.0 or newer). If you are eligible, you will receive a software update as part of Limited Early Access ”, Tesla wrote, adding that owners also have the option to opt out of the FSD beta testing program.

Tesla requires owners to agree to a number of terms and conditions for the FSD Beta program. First, the company noted that owners must “consent to the collection and review of vehicle driving data associated with the VIN” when enrolled in the program. Additionally, participants should “understand that when using the beta version of FSD, (they are) responsible for remaining vigilant with (their) hands on the wheel, and should be prepared to take action at all times.” ”

The company further made it clear that while the beta of FSD would provide vehicles with advanced driver assistance capabilities that would allow navigation in areas such as downtown roads, “the beta of FSD does not autonomous (vehicles) “. Tesla also clarified that access to the advanced driver assistance system can be revoked at any time. This should discourage drivers from abusing the system, for example when Consumer Reports released a video showing how to use autopilot without someone in the driver’s seat.

Tesla’s emphasis on safe driving with the release of the “Request FSD Beta” button is understandable. The scrutiny that new tech like Autopilot and FSD face is immense, after all, and it would be very easy for critics to take control of the narrative if anything untoward happened. This was recently highlighted by Elon Musk when he noted on Twitter that FSD’s approximately 2,000 initial beta testers had been testing the Advanced Driver Assistance System for almost a year without any accidents. As the program grows with the “Request FSD Beta” button, Tesla would certainly do everything possible to keep the system security record as intact as possible.

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Tesla button “Request FSD Beta” is officially released

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