Tesla customers say they were billed twice for their cars


Finding an extra $ 10 on your groceries is enough to make most people angry, but what if you pay twice for a $ 56,000 car? Tesla buyers have reported being twice billed on cars for recent purchases and struggled to contact the company and get their money back, according to a report by CNBC and messages on Twitter and the Tesla Motors Club forum.

One of the first buyers to post on the forum was Christopher Lee, who detailed what happened in a YouTube video (below). After placing an order, he was shocked to find that Tesla had taken two transfers of $ 56,579 from his account for a Tesla Model Y, rather than just one, without any authorization or warning. He then struggled to find someone from Tesla to fix the issue and had to go to his local service center, who eventually gave him a contact email.

The same happened to buyer Tom Slattery, who was charged an additional $ 53,000 and reported his experience on Twitter. He immediately contacted Tesla and eventually drove to the store in Burbank, California. “They told me to call my bank and ask my bank to waive the charge. It was not acceptable. When you charge over $ 50,000 and tell a customer to solve it on their own? kept pushing, “he said. CNBC. Another customer, Clark Peterson, reported the same problem with a $ 71,000 Model Y.

Since yesterday, the clients mentioned in the CNBC report have not yet received their refunds and all have refused to take delivery until the issue is resolved. “It was not an operator error,” said Peterson. “And for a company that has so many technological skills, the fact that this happens to multiple people really raises questions.” Engadget asked for comments.

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