Tesla executives who have been away since 2016

November 27: Jeff Jones, Global Security Officer, no longer works with Tesla after just 11 months of work, CNBC reported, citing a current employee and a former employee.

October 17: Gilbert Passin, vice president of manufacturing, left, according to a report from Business Insider.

September 20: Liam O Connor, Vice President of Global Supply Management has resigned from the company, Bloomberg reported, citing sources close to the case.

September 12: Justin McAnear, vice president of finance and global operations, announced that he would leave Tesla to assume the position of chief financial officer at another company.

September 7: Gabrielle Toledano, person in charge at Tesla, leaves the company.

September 4: Dave Morton, head of accounting at Tesla, resigns just one month after taking office.

July: Ganesh Srivats, vice president of Tesla, leaves the company to become president and CEO of Moda Operandi.

July: Doug Field, Executive Vice President of Engineering, leaves after five years at the electric car manufacturer.

June: Karim Bousta, vice president of global service and customer experience, leaves the company, Electrek automotive information website reported.

May: Cal Lankton has left his position as Senior Vice President of Energy Operations and will be replaced by Sanjay Shah of Amazon, according to a Bloomberg report.

May: Matthew Schwall, field performance engineering director, leaves to join Alphabet's stand-alone unit, Waymo.

April: Georg Ell, director of Tesla operations in Western Europe, leaves the British company Smoothwall.

March: Eric Branderiz, Chief Accounting Officer, leaves office after taking office in October 2016.

March: Susan Repo, General Treasurer and Vice President of Finance, leaves her position to become CFO of another company.

February: Jon McNeill, President of Sales and Global Services, leaves Lyft as Chief Operating Officer.

January: Jason Mendez, Director of Manufacturing Engineering, leaves office after more than 12 years.

January: Will McColl, Head of Equipment Engineering, leaves office after seven years.

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