Tesla launched auto insurance and then spent the next 24 hours repairing it


Just hours after the launch of its internal auto insurance product in California on August 28, by the company Tesla, the company stopped offering quotes and suspending access to the insurance website. It seems to be back online from 29h ET on August 29th. But even during the time, Tesla's insurance site was By working and offering quotes to homeowners, some people were not happy with the results.

Tesla tells The edge these two things are really connected; The company said it discovered "bugs" affecting the prices offered by some customers, but declined to provide more detailed information. The company said it would restore the website as soon as the problem is resolved, without specifying when. We found that he was alive again tonight.

Tesla's mini insurance site was launched around 15:00 ET, but users struggled to access the site in just a few hours. At 18:49 ET, the company tweeted it "brought updates to Tesla Insurance" and the service "would be operational again soon". Seventeen minutes later, the company tweeted once again an "update of the algorithm was in progress". This same language also appears if you try to click on the link that originally led to the Tesla Insurance mini-site.

Both the Tesla Motors forum and the company's owners forums are littered with messages from people claiming to have received higher quotes than expected. This seems to have disappointed some homeowners since the company had promised rates lower by 20% than those of the competition. (However, most of the irritated owners did not provide proof of the comparisons they complained about.)

The insurance offer can give Tesla a way to create larger margins with a product that requires less money to put in place than the process of designing and manufacturing cars. But the problem with starting a whole new part of your business is … you have to start a whole new part of your business. And sometimes, new things come up.

Updated, 8:20 pm ET: Let's add that the Tesla Insurance website seems to be back online.

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