Tesla launches a new model S battery, makes a massive price drop and destroys the base


In addition to all the new model 3 options released yesterday, Tesla has also updated the S and X model ranges with new options and new pricing, including adding a Model S battery and removing one for the X model. .

Tesla also introduces massive price cuts.

As we reported earlier this year, Tesla has significantly updated the S and X model options to align them with Model 3.

With this update, Tesla introduced a new software-locked battery pack for its two flagship vehicles after destroying the 75-kWh battery pack a month ago.

New options Tesla Model S

Now, Tesla removes this software-locked option just a month after the start of its sale and replaces it with a "standard" battery on the Model S for a range of 270 miles.

Once again, the harmonization with Model 3 is partly to stop disclosing the battery pack's energy capacity, but it's the same range that the Model S was getting when Tesla produced an 85 kWh version.

This new version of the Model S now starts at $ 79,000 before the incentives:

Tesla has also made other important price changes to other versions of the car.

With the previous change, the Model S 100D became the "Model S Extended Range" and started at $ 93,000.

Now it's called Model S 'Long Range' and starts at $ 83,000, a difference of $ 10,000 with apparently no change in functionality.

The same thing happened with the Model S Performance version, which started at $ 112,000 before yesterday's price changes.

Today, the price starts at $ 99,000 and you can add the Ludicrous package for $ 15,000 and earn half a second on your acceleration from 0 to 60 mph:

New Tesla Model X Options

As for the X model, it also receives updates.

Tesla also eliminates the software-locked battery pack, but does not offer a smaller option, as was the case for the S model.

Now there is only one 'Long Range' version, which has the same range as the 'Extended Range' version with a 100 kWh battery.

It is also experiencing a significant price decrease from $ 96,000 to $ 88,000:

The Performance version of the X model is also experiencing a price drop.

Tesla did not explain the reason for these price changes, except that the new online sales strategy alone would result in lower costs.

Electrek's Take

To be honest, I can not stand these constant price changes. This happens almost every month and navigation becomes complicated.

I understand when it comes to introducing new features or a cheaper version of Model 3, like the new standard battery pack and its interior, but other times, like that, we get the impression that Tesla launches darts in the dark.

A good example: Tesla was selling versions of Model S and Model X software lock for literally a month. What was the logic there?

Now, they are also reducing the price of the 100D model by $ 10,000 a month. What happened during this month? They can not tell us that they found a production efficiency of $ 10,000 with the 100 kWh pack.

Same thing for the high-performance versions of the car. It's just crazy. $ 10,000 + difference with apparently no change in performance.

Can not all this really be explained by taking sales only online? I would like to know how many people already ordered these cars online.

Hopefully, now that it seems to have been fully harmonized with Model 3, they will slow down these constant price changes as well as grouping and unlocking options.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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