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Tesla Model 3 = 4th best-selling vehicle in Switzerland in the first half of 2019


Published on August 13, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

August 13, 2019 by Zachary Shahan

I reported the other day that the Model 3 was the 10th best-selling vehicle in Sweden in July. I also reported that the Model 3 was the 9th best-selling car in the US in the second quarter of 2019. Switzerland and Liechtenstein (which report sales together) both rank in the lead. The Tesla Model 3 was the 4th best-selling vehicle in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the first half.

We are not just talking about cars here, not a month. In the first six months of 2019, only three other passenger vehicles landed in more homes than Tesla's mass market model. These were the Škoda Octavia (do not ask me why or why it's the first one), the VW Tiguan and the VW Golf.

Here is a table of the 10 best models from January to June:

Two questions come to mind. First of all, it is no secret that Switzerland (8.42 million inhabitants) and Liechtenstein (37,810 inhabitants) are rich countries. It is no secret that it is easier for the rich to afford a vehicle at $ 44,990 ($ 46,000) than for the non-rich. Even though the total cost of ownership of a model 3 is comparable to or greater than that of a Toyota Corolla, you must have money to buy a high-end car – and, to my knowledge, no bank takes the total cost of ownership when approving loans.

Switzerland, despite its small geographical size, is also home to 5 Tesla service centers and a ton of Superchargers. Of course, Tesla has installed service centers and superchargers throughout the country because it is a good market for Tesla, but there is also a positive feedback loop that attracts many more consumers – a new wave of technology adopters – who feel comfortable buying a Tesla. This is certainly now playing a role in sales of new Tesla vehicles in California, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Given the wealth of countries, it is not surprising to see that Mercedes has 3 models in the top 10. This is also a good sign for Tesla. There is no reason to think that this is a shock in the market trends. Model 3 could very well maintain its No. 4 position or climb as more and more consumers discover the driver and passenger benefits of Model 3, its low cost and its overall factor. ; news ". We will see.

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