Tesla model 3 driver dies again in a trailer accident, the autopilot is not yet excluded

Earlier in the day, a Tesla Model 3 owner died of a tragic accident with a truck trailer. Model 3 went under the truck's trailer, which caused "shearing the roof when it passed underneath", which is known as an "understeer" accident.

The circumstances are extremely similar to those of the famous fatal crash of the 2016 autopilot. The accident is still under investigation and the autopilot has not been ruled out.

We first learned of the accident in Delray, Florida, by a reader earlier this morning.

After contacting the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, we received the preliminary police report that explains the accident:

"Vehicle 1 (V-1) was a tractor-trailer combined vehicle traveling eastbound through the entrance of 14095 SR 7 (Pero Farms) preparing to turn left on the SR 7. Vehicle 2 (V -2) was heading south on the SR 7. in the outer lane at the approach of Pero Farms. After V-1 stopped briefly at a stop sign, V-1 entered the south lanes of the RS 7 along the V-2 track. The V-2 struck the driver's side of the V-1's trailer, causing the roof to shear as it passed under the trailer. V-2 continued southbound and took a final rest about 3 / 10th of a mile south of the collision. The driver of V-2 was declared dead on the scene. "

In this case, the vehicle 1 is the semi-trailer tractor and the vehicle 2 is the model 3.

It seems that this is the intersection where the accident occurred:

This accident recalls the tragic death of Joshua Brown, 45, in a collision with a truck while he was using the autopilot of his Tesla Model S in Florida in May 2016.

Neither Brown nor the autopilot have managed to see the trailer of a truck crossing the highway. The car ended up under the trailer and the autopilot continued to travel a considerable distance before stopping.

It triggered a federal inquiry into Tesla's autopilot system and, ultimately, NHTSA closed its investigation without finding a fault or issuing a recall.

In this new accident, the vehicle again traveled more than half a kilometer before stopping.

We contacted Tesla about this new accident in Florida today and a Tesla spokesperson replied:

"We are deeply saddened to learn this incident. We are working to learn more and we are addressing the authorities to offer our cooperation. "

Local police told Electrek that she was still investigating the accident.

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