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A temporary restraining order was granted to Tesla to prevent an alleged harasser from approaching the automaker's California plant.

The electric car manufacturer asserted in his application for an order that the man had repeatedly harassed his employees. He would have control over a Twitter account that often claims that Tesla is fraudulent and claims to bet that his shares will fall.

The man, a resident of Fremont, California, is named in the order given by a state court. He would be part of a loose online community that thinks Tesla is doomed to failure.

In Tesla's motion, it was alleged that the man broke into a security guard when he entered the company's factory. The application also alleged that the man had pursued a Tesla vehicle bearing number plates, bypassing the vehicle and heading towards it, triggering at one point a function to avoid collisions.

According to the terms of the order, reported for the first time on the Electrek website, the man is not allowed to be within 100 meters of several employees of Tesla or its headquarters or its main factory. It must also remain within 10 meters of any Tesla vehicle bearing manufacturer registration plates within five miles of the seat.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla's billionaire, wrote, "I've never seen anything like it" in response to a conversation about the alleged harasser.

Elon Musk
(@Elon Musk)

I have never seen anything like it. Tesla is just trying to make electric cars and solar energy for a better future for all. Certainly, we might not succeed, but why do they want us to fail?

April 21, 2019

The activity of the alleged short seller adds another twist to the bizarre relationship between Tesla and Twitter.

Musk, one of the foremost users of the social network, has been criticized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for tweeting inaccurate and market-sensitive information last year.

On Friday, Musk and the SEC had an extra week to resolve a dispute over a tweet, later corrected, that Tesla would manufacture 500,000 cars this year. The US regulator said the tweet was a violation of an earlier court settlement for allegedly misleading investors.

The dispute highlights the difficulties faced by the electric car manufacturer in its efforts to increase its mass market scale production. The pace of production slowed down at the beginning of the year.

Tesla intends to reduce the size of its board, a decision that, according to the company, would allow it to run faster and more efficiently, he said in a regulatory document released Friday. . The plan will reduce the number of board members from 11 to seven.

Brad Buss, Antonio Gracias, Stephen Jurvetson and Linda Johnson Rice will not run for re-election on the Tesla board at the end of their term at the company's 2019 and 2020 annual meetings. The changes are not due to disagreements between Tesla and the administrators, says the folder.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

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