Tesla pushes Sentry Mode update to optimize alarms for multiple burglary attempts


A Tesla owner, who was among the first to receive an update for Sentry Mode, posted a video on the optimizations implemented by the electric car manufacturer just days after the security system was put in place. As noted by the owner of Model 3, it appears that Tesla has effectively addressed some areas of improvement that emerged during the initial deployment of the new feature.

It did not take long for the Tesla community to begin testing the features of recently released features introduced in the 2019.5.1 update. In a detailed review of the Sentry mode after its initial release, for example, YouTuber Tesla Raj noted that push notifications on his mobile phone were missing when his car went into the "Alarm" state. He also observed that some Sentry features, such as the car's audible alarms, did not activate after several intrusion attempts.

Using Dog mode with Sentry mode also showed improvements. The two new features could be used side by side, which is fine, but when Sentry mode is turned on while Dog mode is on, the display switches to the intimidating "eye" of HAL 9000 and the Tesla warning, then goes off after a minute. The Dog Mode display, which informs passers-by that pets are safe inside the vehicle, did not turn back on even after Sentry Mode passed the 1-minute mark.

Fortunately, the owner of Model 3 was able to receive an update (2019.5.3) that Tesla immediately deployed after the initial release of Sentry Mode. With this update, the owner of Tesla has chosen to test the new features again. As can be seen in a recent upload to YouTube, Tesla appears to have responded to Sentry mode alarms during multiple intrusion attempts. This allows the vehicle to take advantage of the full range of Sentry Mode "Alarm" alarm features several times in a row. For vehicles parked on the side of the road, such a system would certainly be useful.

The dog mode and sentinel mode synthesis has also been smoothed, with the "Pet Friendly" feature apparently overwriting the security system when it is enabled. As a result, Dog Mode retains its display. Dog Mode fonts are larger and more legible with 2019.5.3 as well. Nevertheless, some improvement points of the 2019.5.1 update remain, such as push notifications on the Tesla mobile app, which are still missing. Similar to model 3 owner's observations with 2019.5.1, the blind spot chime also appeared to be absent in 2019.5.3.

Tesla's Sentry mode is a way to help homeowners keep their vehicles safe after reports of burglaries against the company's electric cars begin to increase. In the San Francisco Bay area alone, the police reports studied by Teslarati The involvement of the company's electric vehicles has revealed that some thieves have been rewarded with generous loot, including luxury watches and high-end gadgets.

Watch the review of Sentry Mode update in 2019.5.3 in the video below.

Tesla Raj's initial review of Sentry mode was implemented in 2019.5.1.

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