Tesla removes any mention of standard model 3 battery from website – fans panic


Tesla promised that its standard Model 3 battery pack would bring down the price of the vehicle at the long-awaited price of $ 35,000, but now Tesla has removed any mention of the basic model from its website – causing panic among some people. fans.

$ 35,000 Tesla Model 3

The price of $ 35,000 has always been one of the most revolutionary features of Model 3.

That was part of Elon Musk's original "secret master plan" for Tesla: to make a 100% all-powerful electric vehicle.

Tesla promised a base price of $ 35,000 before the incentive, but the cheapest model 3 currently available costs $ 42,000 after a recent price drop.

The price is supposed to be reached with a smaller battery and a less high-end interior.

Tesla Model 3 Delays

In recent months, Tesla said the vehicle version would arrive in "4 to 6 months", but today, it has removed the timeline from its online configurator and its website.

We received dozens of emails from holders of Model 3 reservations worried about the meaning of Tesla removing the mention of the standard battery.

Asked about the update, a spokesman for Tesla declined to comment on the change.

The timeline is removed from Tesla's US website, but is still visible on the Canadian Model Configurator 3.

Elon Musk on the basis of model 3

In a conference call with analysts on Tesla's fourth-quarter financial results last month, Musk said he believes the new version of Model 3 would be available by the middle of the year:

"We plan to introduce the Model 3 standard by mid-year – it's a rough approximation."

The CEO said they needed to improve the cost structure.

He added:

"We are working hard to improve our production costs, our overheads, our fixed costs, only the costs in general."

When Model 3 production started for the first time in 2017, the company informed reservation owners that the base version of Model 3 would be available early or mid-2018.

Electrek's Take

It appears that many bookkeepers have concerns about Tesla's release of the basic version of Model 3, and that the changes to the website have raised some concerns.

I know that the fact that Tesla is lagging far behind the standard battery is really disappointing, but I think it always happens – although I recognize that it is strange that Tesla has removed it from its website without give reason.

Elon also scared me with this earlier this month:

For those who remember the Model S 40 which started at $ 50,000 and was quickly abandoned, it seems almost like Tesla is trying again to find a way out of the promised price.

That said, I remain optimistic about base model 3 at $ 35,000. I do not think Tesla could get away without letting go.

And that seems feasible. The company is currently producing a $ 42,000 model 3 with a larger battery, a glass roof and many high-end features that could be removed to reduce the price. I imagine that it is currently in the $ 30 range with a battery of 50 kWh or less and a standard interior.

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